Two Finishes At Payback Were Changed Last Minute

via StillRealToUs.com / via heavy.com

There were two finishes at Payback on Sunday night that were changed from their original plans. Can you guess which ones they were?

If you guessed Bayley v. Bliss and Neville v. Aries, then you would be correct! According to Dave Meltzer on Sunday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio:

"The finishes were clearly out yesterday, and in two cases the finishes changed... In the [Neville vs. Austin Aries] match, Neville was supposed to win and then, I guess it would’ve been [on Sunday] they made the call to have Austin Aries win via DQ."

“And then in the Bayley vs. Bliss, I think it changed three times... It went from Bayley to Bliss… It changed four times actually. Bayley was gonna win, then Bliss was gonna win, then Bayley was gonna win, then Bliss was gonna win, and it ended up with Bliss winning."

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