Rumor: Tye Dillinger Being Kept Off TV For Ridiculous Reason

WWE might be keeping Tye Dillinger off of television to stop the crowd chanting ten every time he appears on screen or comes to the ring.

Tye Dillinger has endured a roller coaster ride when it comes to his WWE career. Some fans might not know, but Dillinger actually first wrestled for WWE before NXT even existed. It was under the name Gavin Spears and he competed a time or two on the company's failed ECW reboot. It wasn't until he left, came back, foundered in NXT, and came invented The Perfect Ten gimmick that he enjoyed any success there though.

The crowd fell in love with Dillinger in NXT, but on SmackDown Live, creative has been at something of a loss when it comes to what to do with him. Clearly, some people see him as nothing more than a gimmick where fans chant ten at him whereas, in reality, he is so much more. That is yet to be realized though, and we see very little of The Perfect Ten on television each week.


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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, they may be a frankly ridiculous reason for a severe lack of Dillinger on WWE television. Apparently, some of the higher-ups behind the scenes of the company are fed up with certain chants, and one of those chants is "10." Fans of WWE, or wrestling in general, will have noticed that the 10 chants have extended further than just when Dillinger is in the ring.

What makes this a ridiculous decision is the fact that, away from the ring, WWE continues to play up the ten gimmick. Dillinger once again entered at number ten in this year's Royal Rumble match, although he never made it to the ring, and then this past week he occupied the number ten slot on SmackDown Live's first ever top ten list.

If the above really is true, then WWE needs to scrap the ten gimmick altogether, although that may very well stunt Dillinger's ascent in the company completely considering that's the only aspect of him they have played up since his arrival on the main roster. They have really already made their bed with the ten gimmick, and continue to do so, so should just embrace it and let Dillinger show them what he's capable of in the ring.


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