Tye Dillinger Has Horrible Airport Experience With Annoying Fan

Tye Dillinger had a bad interaction with a fan at an airport recently and he shared information about the experience on Twitter.

Today's pro wrestling landscape is worlds apart from the one that most of the Superstars competing for WWE right now grew up with. The use of social media has altered almost every walk of life and WWE are very aware of that. Vince McMahon and co continue to capitalize on Facebook, Instagram and any other site that they can use to further their product.

Social media isn't just used by the company though, it is also a means to bring WWE Superstars closer to their fans. That can be both a curse and a blessing for some, but most of the time it supplies us the fans with information we wouldn't otherwise know. We can even interact with wrestlers, ask them questions, and let them know our feelings on certain things within the business.


SmackDown Live Superstar Tye Dillinger is the latest performer to give us a little glimpse into his private life via social media, and he actually touched upon a hot topic in wrestling in the process. It would appear that a particularly annoying fan tried to test Tye's patience at an airport this week telling him that he hoped he gets released. Thankfully Dillinger found the situation pretty funny, at least upon reflection.

According to the tweet, the fan referred to Tye by one of his former ring names (Shawn) and Dillinger wrote in the tweet "Thanks for ruining it for the rest and sorry I didn’t sign all 8 of your items for EBay[sic]." The whole signings at airports issue is being talked about a lot recently after interactions involving Sasha Banks and Austin Aries. Banks discussed how some fans at airports annoy her after one tried to get her to sign a stack of photos, likely so they could sell them on. Aries was annoyed at a group of fans who tried to get free autographs from him in an airport after choosing not to pay for the privilege at a show the night before.


The annoying thing about all of the situations mentioned above is that it reflects poorly on wrestling fans as a whole. It's only a small percentage of fans that lurk in airports with a suitcase full of merch for weary wrestlers to sign, and hopefully, the performers know that. Good on Tye for seeing the funny side of the whole situation and for sharing it with the rest of us.

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