Why Tye Dillinger Appeared At Recent NXT Shows

Tye Dillinger made a return to NXT for their live events in Canada over the weekend, but not for the reason you might think.

Tye Dillinger made his main roster debut earlier this year when he entered the Royal Rumble match at number ten. Yes, it was cheesy, and some people saw it coming, but it was an incredible moment nonetheless. Still, regardless of the fan's reactions, Dillinger has floundered somewhat since being called up.

A return to NXT seems like a logical move for Dillinger at this point, in the eyes of some that is anyway. It appears as if the powers that be on SmackDown Live currently don't see The Perfect Ten as much more than a way for the fans to chant ten over and over again. His inclusion on this past weekend's NXT tour was not a sign that he returned to he developmental territory, however.


Over the weekend the NXT roster made their way up to Canada. Saturday night saw the brand perform in St Catharines, Ontario. Therein lies the reason that Dillinger was called upon to join the Superstars he formerly shared a locker room with in NXT. St Catherines is Dillinger's home town. The Meridian Centre played host for the Superstars, and Dillinger claimed that it was a dream come true to wrestle there.


The Perfect Ten has been in and out of WWE for a long time, and this latest gimmick has really been his big break. He is beloved by the NXT Universe, so that, combined with being in his home town, will have undoubtedly earned him a pretty big pop from the fans. As touched upon above though, something hasn't really clicked for Dillinger on the main roster. He is playing a role in the United States Title scene at the moment though, so maybe things are looking up for the former NXT star.

There are rumors that another Superstar Shakeup is on the horizon. Those rumors also include some Superstars potentially returning to NXT to continue honing their skills and their character. On the one hand, that may be a good option for Tye Dillinger, but on the other, if he were to return to NXT at this point that may be it for his main roster hopes.

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