Hell In A Cell 2017: Tye Dillinger Added To US Title Match

The Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger has been added to the United States Championship match at Hell In A Cell, making it a triple threat.

At Hell In A Cell, tonight Baron Corbin and AJ Styles are scheduled to clash for The Phenomenal One's United States Championship. The Lone Wolf hasn't exactly had the best of times in WWE these last couple of months. Ever since Corbin garnered some alleged backstage heat, the former Golden Gloves winner suffered a landmark loss to John Cena as well as losing his Money in the Bank cash in match.


To some extent, Corbin's luck has been looking up. For starters, he has the aforementioned title shot for a championship that is arguably more coveted than the WWE Title right now. In his pursuit of AJ Styles, however, there has been a Superstar continually acting as a thorn in the wolf's paw, and that man is Tye Dillinger. In fact, on SmackDown Live last Tuesday, The Perfect Ten defeated the number one contender for the US Title.


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Even before that shock victory, fans were fully expecting Dillinger to be added to the mix at Hell In A Cell. He certainly deserves to be, and fans have been clamoring for Dillinger to get some proper recognition ever since his call-up to SmackDown Live. Well, during the kickoff show for tonight's event, Dillinger went to General manager Daniel Bryan and pleaded his case. Ever the understanding boss, Bryan was more than happy to oblige, making the United States Championship match a triple threat.

Dillinger made the move from NXT to SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shakeup earlier this year. Prior to that, Dillinger entered at number ten during the Royal Rumble match, naturally, and received a terrific reception. On the back of that, most expected WWE to see his worth and include him in interesting angles, but up until his recent inclusion in the US Title scene, that has not been the case.

Tye Dillinger has been with WWE on and off for so long now, win or lose tonight at Hell In A Cell, it will hopefully be his much-deserved break out moment on the main roster. Don't be surprised if The Perfect Ten wins either. WWE loves to throw a curve ball our way every now and again and this might be the most likely place for it to happen on this particular pay-per-view.

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