Rumor: Backstage Issues Caused Tyler Bate's 205 Live Loss

Tyler Bate has been losing quite a lot in WWE recently and apparently, it's because the first ever UK Champion has heat with management.

Almost exactly a year ago now, the WWE Universe was introduced to a group of talented British wrestlers that most of them had likely never heard of before. Stars such as Wolfgang and Trent Seven who competed in a tournament to crown the first ever United Kingdom Champion. Some of them seem to have impressed the likes of Vince McMahon and Triple H more than others.

We say that because only a handful of them have been repeatedly brought back in the 12 months since their debuts. Pete Dunne is the current UK Champion and as of right now appears to have a very bright future ahead of him in WWE. Wrestlers such as Mark Andrews and the aforementioned Seven have also made regular appearances.


Aside from The Bruiserweight, the man who appeared to have the most to look forward to in his WWE future is Tyler Bate. That was until recently. Bate has lost a first-round Cruiserweight Title tournament match to TJ Perkins and a number one contenders match for the UK Championship to Roderick Strong, and that's just in the last week. All of a sudden, the powers that be at WWE seem to have gone off the idea of Bate and there may be a reason why.

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Bate may have heat with some of the management backstage at WWE. Rumor has it that the first-ever United Kingdom Champion was asked to help out on a tour at the last minute but told WWE that he couldn't because he had other plans. That's apparently why the young Superstar has found himself on the wrong end of quite a few losses recently.

We hope that there is little to no truth to these rumors for a number of reasons. Firstly, Bate is an extremely talented wrestler and to use him in this way because of a little heat would be a real waste. Secondly, it's pretty great of WWE to let the British stars continue working the independents as well as work for them. If the story about Bate refusing to go on tour with WWE because he had a prior engagement is true then that could bring an end to that agreement.


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