Breezango Make An Appearance On 205 Live

Drew Gulak was delivering one of his patented Powerpoint presentations on 205 Live when he was interrupted by some surprise guests.

Drew Gulak has become the poster boy of no high flying on 205 Live. It's a pretty unique gimmick since the main reason fans tune in to watch the cruiserweights each week is to watch them fly around the ring and perform feats that other Superstars aren't capable of. Well, recently Drew has been kind enough to prepare and share Powerpoint presentations with us on everything he thinks is currently wrong with 205 Live.

This week, Gulak managed to get through a few more of his slides, but then he was once again interrupted. It wasn't by a fellow cruiserweight though, and as sirens rang around the arena both Drew and the WWE Universe were wondering who it could possibly be. The last people we were all expecting to see were the Fashion Police, Breezango!


Breeze and Fandango apparently know no bounds when it comes to policing fashion in WWE, and even 205 Live falls under their jurisdiction. The stars of WWE's Fashion Files made their way to the ring and began berating Gulak for his fashion sense, reminding him of his new nickname Captain Underpants. 'Dango then went about intimidating the Captain to the point where when Gulak went to leave, the Fashionistas slapped some fuzzy handcuffs on the cruiserweight.

Breezango appearing on 205 Live is the second time in as many days that WWE had their cruiserweight division mingle with the rest of the roster. Monday night on Raw, Enzo Amore, the newest recruit to 205 Live, guest starred on Miz TV and wound up having a match with the Intercontinental Champion. While Breezango made it very clear that they are still SmackDown Live Superstars, Tyler Breeze becoming a cruiserweight wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.


Judging by the actions taken by WWE these past few weeks, they are currently trying out a few things to interest fans in 205 Live. Firstly, the addition of Enzo Amore, and now the appearance of the extremely popular Breezango. Blurring the lines between the cruiserweights and everybody else is good in small doses, but WWE has to be careful that they don't make a habit of it.

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