Tyler Breeze, Fandango Comment On Being Left Off SmackDown

The famous Fashion Files were not included in Tuesday night's SmackDown Live, which actually ended up making sense since the show was so packed. While many people enjoy the humor that goes along with Fandango and Tyler Breeze when they try to figure out which Uggos destroyed their dressing room, this week's show had too many good segments in order to squeeze them in.

Between Shane McMahon attacking Kevin Owens to Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Randy Orton wrestling for the right to fight Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell, there wasn't time for 'Dango and Breeze.

Fandango posted a message on Twitter that only reads "2B," which could be taken as to be continued.


Breeze decided to act confused with his Twitter post.

The Fashion Files just kicked off their second season, so a one week break isn't that bad. considering how popular the duo is right now, it's safe to assume there will be another segment next Tuesday night.

It's been a rollercoaster ride for the 29-year-old Breeze who made his wrestling debut in 2007 for Power Zone Wrestling. Breeze signed with the WWE in 2010 and was placed in their developmental brand Florida Championship Wrestling before it became NXT  in 2012. He was then a part of NXT, often times placed near the top of the card, until 2015.


Breeze was added to the main roster of SmackDown Live in October 2015 and made his first appearance during a Miz TV segment, after being introduced by Summer Rae. He then went on to attack Dolph Ziggler. The next month Breeze wrestled his first match on SmackDown against Dean Ambrose. Without any surprise, he ended up losing.

Things started to look up when Breeze got a shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship while facing off against Ambrose, Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Stardust, thought he ended up getting pinned by Owens.

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When it comes to Fandango, he's been wrestling since 1999 after starting out on the Independent circuit. He then moved to Deep South Wrestling in 2006, after signing a developmental contract with the WWE, and it's been up and down booking for the star ever since. In 2008, he moved onto Florida Championship Wrestling and then to NXT from 2010 to 2012. He finally made his debut in 2012, with his first match taking place at WrestleMania against Chris Jericho.

Fandango fans know all too well how his start and stop booking has hurt his appearance. Known as one of the more talented workers in the mid card, he's had numerous chances at winning various championships throughout his WWE main roster career, but has yet to do so.

Now Fandango and Breeze seem to be on the right track to capture gold as a tag team, though with the New Day and Usos stealing the show every chance they get, that might be difficult.

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