Tyler Breeze Responds To Fashion Police Being Labeled A Waste Of Time

Not everyone is a fan of Breezango's recent Fashion Files segments, but Tyler Breeze has a response for anyone looking to criticize him.

It likely wasn't intended to be, but Tyler Breeze and Fandango's weekly Fashion Files segments on SmackDown Live are anticipated by a lot of fans. It may be silly and they may not actually wrestle, but it would seem to most they are entertaining, and that is what the E in WWE stands for after all.

Week after week, Breezango continues to parody various crime shows from the past as they attempt to figure out who has been attacking them and trashing their office. With anything though, pro wrestling based or not, you can't please everybody. For some fans, the Fashion Files simply aren't for them, and as always in this age of social media, some fans are more vocal than others in letting those in question know about their distaste.


One fan on Twitter, who is clearly not a fan of what Tyler and 'Dango have been up to, labeled the Fashion Files as a 'waste of time' and questioned whether the respective members of Breezango can even remember how to wrestle. Breeze had the perfect response loaded and ready to go and kindly replied to the fan. Prince Pretty assured that he and his tag partner still know how to wrestle, but that "no one cared before... now they do."

Both Breeze and Fandango had higher places on the card at points in their WWE tenures only to fall into obscurity somewhat. Breeze was a whisker away from being NXT Champion before appearing on the main roster, and Fandango defeated Chris Jericho in his first ever match at WrestleMania 29. While both have seen less exciting times since, the Fashion Files has brought both of them back into the limelight.


A lot of fans are quick to criticize WWE when certain things aren't to their liking. What those fans need to remember though is that they aren't supposed to like everything. Present day WWE is trying to appeal to as many different types of fans as possible. There's the Fashion Files for fans looking for a laugh, the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor for the more hardcore fan, and even 205 Live serves a purpose and brings another alternate style in order to draw a bigger audience in to the overall product.

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