Tyson Fury Claims He Isn't Nervous About Wrestling Debut, Was "Born To Do This"

Tyson Fury insists he is not nervous about his looming wrestling debut.

The 31-year-old, who's made his name as a boxer, is rumored to be considering leaving boxing altogether to become a mainstay at WWE. Fury is scheduled to wrestle his first match at Crown Jewel on October 31, with Braun Strowman set to be his opponent.

According to the Daily Mail's Jeff Powell, the British star is getting paid a wild amount to perform in Saudi Arabia at the end of the month and it's believed to have gotten him thinking about quitting boxing for WWE.

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Fury was a guest on ESPN's First Take this week, alongside Triple H, and the pair discussed the upcoming debut. Fury declared that he has no nerves as it relates to the match against Braun as he's a "natural entertainer" who was "born to do this."

“I’m not nervous, like you said, I’m a showman, and you can expect fireworks," he promised. "I think I was born to do this. I’m a natural entertainer as you can see with the boxing. Now I’m going to the real entertainment, the best value in entertainment in sports, WWE.”

Triple H added to Tyson's declaration, saying the boxer has adapted pretty easily. The Game also revealed having watched the upcoming wrestling debutant for a long time, with WWE having him on their radar way before he got into that heated argument with the Monster Among Men a few weeks ago.

Will We See More Of Fury Past Crown Jewel?

Who knows what's next for Fury now? It appears that he's taken a real liking to WWE and could possibly remain there. His promoter, though, will be quite unhappy as he's already slammed Fury for getting involved with the promotion without telling him and will have one less client if he decides to make his transition from boxing to wrestling complete.

Fury is still scheduled to fight Deontay Wilder in February next year.

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