Tyson Kidd Reveals His Feelings Toward Samoa Joe For Ending His Career

Tyson Kidd holds no animosity towards Samoa Joe despite the Raw Superstar's Muscle Buster being the move that ended his career.

There's nothing that a wrestler or even a wrestling fan hates more than someone from outside the industry or fandom referring to the business as fake. Professional wrestling is far from fake. The word those people are looking for is pre-determined. If professional wrestling was fake, then the men and women doing it wouldn't suffer the injuries that they do.

One man who knows better than anyone else that pro wrestling is far from fake is Tyson Kidd. On June 1, 2015, Kidd suffered a career-ending injury during a dark match with Samoa Joe. The former WWE Superstar suffered severe injuries to his neck and was told that only 5 percent of people who suffer that injury survive. The fact, that he can still walk around is nothing short of a miracle.


The move that caused the injury to Kidd was a Muscle Buster, a move that Joe naturally doesn't use very often anymore. You'd imagine that Kidd probably holds a lot of resentment towards the current Raw star, but apparently, that's not the case at all. WWE hired the former Tag Team Champion as a producer last year, and he purposefully sought out Joe on his first day back.

It wasn't to yell at him or give him a piece of his mind either. Kidd revealed on Twitter recently that he found Joe so that they could have a heart to heart with him, clear the air, and he wishes Samoa Joe nothing but the best. The tweet came about after a Twitter user replied to a photo Kidd posted saying that he feels happy every time Joe gets hurt because of what he did back in 2015.

What happened to Tyson Kidd in the summer of 2015 is an example of how wrong things can go inside of a wrestling ring. Samoa Joe has been using the muscle buster for years, and it has obviously never resulted in an injury as catastrophic as the one that was suffered on that night. It's nice to know that Kidd can let things go despite the repercussions it had on his life and his career and it's a great example to the rest of us.


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Tyson Kidd Reveals His Feelings Toward Samoa Joe For Ending His Career