U Can’t C Me: 20 Pictures Of Nikki Bella John Cena Wants Taken Off Instagram

Nikki Bella is considered to be the best known female wrestler in the world right now. This could be because of her relationship with John Cena, or it could be due to the fact that she is the face of both Total Divas and Total Bellas on WWE television and is currently set to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Nikki has marketed herself very well over the past few years, so well in fact that she has garnered success both inside and outside of the company, becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of the company back in 2015. This record will now never be broken because the Championship was retired a few months later at WrestleMania 33.

This success has given Nikki a lot of followers on Instagram and she is not shy when posting intimate photos on the Social Media website. It is very possible that her fiancé John Cena is not happy with a lot of the things that she posts online, especially considering many of the images are very revealing.

Here are just 20 Instagram posts that John Cena can't be happy his future wife has shared with the world.


30 Teen Choice Awards

While John Cena was busy hosting the Teen Choice Awards last month, it seems that his fiancé was busy looking absolutely stunning in the audience and on the red carpet. In this weeks episode of Total Bellas, John stated that he couldn't spend as much time with Nikki's family because of work commitments. He must definitely be regretting that conversation now.

Nikki looks stunning as always, as it seems like she has gone for the less is more look in this picture. She can pull off any outfit, and this very simple one is no exception. While the fans on the red carpet got a great view of Nikki, poor John was left to look on from the stage of the Teen Choice Awards while his fiancé enjoyed herself at the show as he once again chose work over spending time with the woman he will one day call his wife.

29 Flexibility


John Cena puts up with a lot of Nikki's whining and family drama on a weekly basis if Total Divas is anything to go by, and many of the WWE Universe wondered why someone like Cena would do this. Love is a crazy thing, and it often means that you put on blinders and look past the faults in the other person. That or it's because Nikki is much more flexible than anyone could have imagined.

Flexibility has never been part of Nikki's move-set in the WWE ring, instead, she likes to show off the fact that she has brute strength on her side. She is actually just as flexible as many of the other WWE women, and Nikki could subtly be sharing a number of her secrets in the bedroom when it comes to keeping John happy with this post.

28 Naturally Beautiful


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki is the kind of woman who doesn't have to put makeup on or try very hard to look beautiful. It must be hard for her to see her twin always be viewed as the skinny one, the one who got married first and now the one who has a baby. Nikki is still in the same position she was in a few years ago, even though she does have a ring on her finger this time.

Nikki gets out of bed looking like the photo above. She posted this photo saying good morning and showing the world that she obviously has superpowers to always look incredible. John knows how great she looks in the morning and still told her to leave him and go back to Dolph Ziggler on an episode of Total Divas back in 2014. How can Cena not be completely committed to this beautiful woman?

27 Photo Shoots

Will you be my Valentine? ❤........ @johncena

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Since there is a Women's Revolution happening in WWE right now, why is it that women are still part of these kinds of photo shoots and men aren't? It seems that even though the women want to push forward and become actual contenders in WWE, Nikki Bella will always be a throwback to the old Divas Division.

John has gone to bat for Nikki a number of times when it comes to her WWE career, and it has probably reached a point now where he no longer wants to involve himself in any of the issues that surround the Women's Division. Although I'm sure he doesn't want more photoshoots like this involving his wife in the future, especially if they end up on Instagram for the world to see.

26 Dancing With The Stars

Nikki Bella recently announced that while she was taking time away from WWE to help rehab from her ongoing neck injury, she would be part of the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Nikki obviously looks fabulous in the photo wearing a revealing dress, but John can't be happy that his fiancee has a new dancing partner.

John has been Nikki's only dance partner in life and on screen in WWE over the past five years and it must be strange for Cena to see his fiancé posting images of herself and another man all over her Instagram page. Artem will definitely have his hands full with Nikki, but he must know that in the back of his mind, if he makes one wrong move he will have a very angry John Cena after him.





23 Adventures Alone


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on


Sometimes John Cena takes for granted the fact that he has one of the most beautiful women in the world on his arm. It seems that on both Total Bellas and Total Divas Nikki is always complaining about the fact that Cena is never around and she has to spend a lot of her time alone or decides to fly out to visit her family to prevent herself from feeling lonely.

Nikki is a smart girl who has just launched her own company called Birdie Bee and one day could be just as successful as her partner. Seeing as she is doing so much on her own, she may one day feel she may not need John Cena in her life after all. If that ever happens we're sure Cena will regret not making more time for Nikki.






19 Wedding Dress Shopping

Omg 😳💍👰🏽 #marchesa

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It was the lengthiest storyline in the history of  Total Divas but finally after six seasons of the show where John Cena flat out refused to propose to his girlfriend, he finally popped the question at WrestleMania 33 in front of 70,000 screaming fans and Nikki agreed to marry him.

Since then, Nikki hasn't been seen on WWE TV as she rests her surgically repaired neck and works on launching her new company while still appearing on both Total Divas, Total Bellas, and Dancing With The Stars. Shockingly, despite that busy schedule, it seems that Nikki has found some free time to go and shop for wedding dresses. Although it does seems that Nikki is planning ahead to a wedding ceremony while Cena continues to drag his heels.

18 Stunning

Nikki and Brie have a great sister bond, most sisters don't' get along very well but it seems that since they were twins and they once shared a womb, they find it quite easy to live with each other in the real world. Their careers and lives will always be intertwined especially since they both launched a new company together not too long ago.

Nikki posted this photo on Instagram last year and declared that it was actually her sister who bought her the sexy red outfit that she is wearing, which she found a little strange but was thankful nonetheless. It seems that John has some competition when it comes to buying clothes for Nikki to wear in the bedroom since it's obvious that Brie knows Nikki a lot better than he does.

17 Winston

Awww my Win Win..... sweet dreams from us 💛

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As part of Total Bellas, Nikki had her family move to Tampa, Florida and into John Cena's house to help her recover from her neck surgery. Brie and Daniel Bryan were part of this and they brought their dog Josie with them.

John made it clear that he didn't like the dog or the hair that the dog left everywhere it went so Josie had to stay in the guest house with Brie and Daniel. To make matters worse, at one point the dog actually bit John. It seems that he just isn't a big fan of dogs and even though Nikki bought Winston on her own and he was supposed to be her dog, she ended up giving him to Brie and Daniel because he just didn't fit in with the house or her and Cena's lifestyle.

16 That Booty Shake


There's a reason why Nikki decides to do her booty shake at the top of the ramp whenever she enters the WWE ring for a match. There is also a reason why she wears the shortest shorts in the history of wrestling on national TV, and that's because Nikki knows that her backside is one of her best assets.

Nikki works hard in the gym to ensure that it stays that way and there is no reason why she shouldn't be showing this off on Instagram to the WWE Universe. She is a woman who is proud of what she has accomplished because of her hard work, and so she should be. Nikki does need to leave some things to the imagination though, and John can't be happy with a number of risky photos she has posted online over the years.

15 Looking Glam


Every girl likes to dress up and look incredible every now and then, but it seems that Nikki Bella never has a day where she doesn't look perfect. Earlier this year she (along with her sister Brie) attended The Oscars and as always she managed to pick out a dress that would definitely make her stand out.

John didn't get to attend the event with Nikki, who was still only his girlfriend at the time, but she managed to walk the red carpet and maintain her composure without the 16-time World Champion at her side. It seems that Nikki always has a partner in crime, whether it's a visibly pregnant sister or a commitment-phobic boyfriend. Both her usual partners need to take turns to keep Nikki from ever being alone.


13 Nikki Styles


Nikki Bella has a fantastic sense of humor, something that fans would only pick up from her Youtube Channel since she seems to play a much whinier, needier version of herself on her two reality shows.

Nikki is able to have a lot of fun as part of her channel and one of her videos went viral earlier this year when she decided to dress up as AJ Styles and act like him, which he actually approved of. Cena defeated AJ Styles to win his 16th World Championship and it seems that the duo has a lot of respect for each other professionally, but that doesn't mean that Cena can be happy with his fiancé getting this close to another member of the roster. After all, just look at Cena's own history with the women backstage.

12 Too Much?


Nikki Bella is a selfie queen, and this is well documented on her Instagram account. She is rarely ever seen without her phone in her hand asking others to take a photo of her or taking the picture herself when no one else is around. She's a beautiful woman, and should be allowed to post pictures online to boost her self-confidence when fans comment about how great she looks, but sometimes this goes a little too far.

With a ring now on her finger, Nikki may need to dial it back on the sultry selfies. While Cena has been guilty of quite a bit of infidelity in the past, we're sure he knows all to well how easy it can be to cheat. That is why selfies like this will be a no-no going forward. We're sure that if John could figure out her phone password, he'd be deleting a lot of these.

11 Nikki Cena

You Can't See Me 🖐🏽👻🎃 #happyhalloween #nena #mylove #totalbellas

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Nikki will be known as Nikki Cena when she finally ties the knot with John in the not too distant future, but it seems last Halloween that she decided to actually become him for one night only as her way of enjoying the holiday.

Cena dressed up as Nikki as well, but let's be honest, Nikki made a much better John than even John can be. It seems that for the first time in his life Cena was actually upstaged by someone else and not just anyone, but his fiancé. Nikki never posted a proper photo of her game of dress up, but she did share this video with the WWE Universe after the original video on Youtube went viral and was picked up by a number of sports news websites.



8 A Normal Closet?

#jonathansimkhai #louisvuitton #honeybglam #wwehof

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Judging by the way Nikki dresses when she's out at dinner with her family or even when she's just going for a walk with Brie, it is obvious that she doesn't have a normal closet. Cena is well aware that this is the woman he proposed to and when she enters a room she ensures that all eyes are on her.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier this year definitely proved that to us when she showed up in this incredible red dress, the likes of which had never been seen before. Poor John just looks like a normal guy standing next to Nikki when she decides to dress up and look this incredible. She later did a photo shoot in the dress which she also shared on Instagram.

7 That Celebration


Let's be honest, we have all seen an episode of Total Bellas and Total Divas, and we know that John Cena and Nikki know how to celebrate. Although I'm not sure any of us were prepared for their celebration when their Youtube Channel hit 500,000 subscribers.

It was clearly Nikki's idea and John probably begrudgingly agreed that if they were able to hit the milestone then they would both strip down and do a naked dance. Obviously, they were covered by blurred lines and managed to maintain their dignity throughout, but Nikki decided to post this shot of the video on Youtube where it shows that she wasn't wearing anything on her top half throughout filming. Sometimes it really is better for people to use their imaginations though, as no one really needed to see this.

6 When Nikki Was A Twin

Remember when Nikki was actually a twin? When she debuted on WWE TV and it was hard to tell which Bella was which and Twin Magic actually worked a number of times? It seems that was a decade ago when the Bella Twins first made their way to WWE and Nikki first began dating Dolph Ziggler.

Obviously, Nikki has moved on since then and had her chest enhanced so that it is blatantly obvious which Bella is which. Nikki has accomplished a lot in the past ten years and is rightfully proud of the woman that she has become today. The fact that Cena often makes fun of the fact that she doesn't know as much as he does and seemingly makes her feel bad about herself is why he wouldn't want the world to know just how awesome his fiancé really is.



3 Birdie Jo

Miss these mornings with my Bird ❤️

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki has become very close to her niece over the past few months and it seems that the more time she spends with Birdie Jo the more it makes her want a child of her own. Her sister Brie has the perfect family now while Cena and Nikki still have yet to set a date for their wedding, and Birdie Jo is a constant reminder of this.

John stated shortly after he proposed to Nikki at WrestleMania earlier this year that he definitely didn't want children. He went back on his word that he would never marry again for Nikki but it seems that he is not ready to go back on his word for Nikki again. Images like this just show how great a mother Nikki would be and just how cute Birdie Jo is with her aunt.

2 American Pride


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki Bella decided to celebrate Independence Day this year in a unique way by releasing a number of revealing images on her Instagram page that saw her sharing with the world the pride that she has in the country she comes from.

This was Nikki's unique way of showing the world that even though she has been away from WWE TV for almost five months, she has still remained in shape and she is still looking just as incredible as ever. John has recently returned to WWE TV and he actually made his return to the company on Independence Day as part of the SmackDown Live show. John can't be happy that Nikki is sharing images like this one on a public forum while he is on the road with WWE. Either way, she definitely gave her males fans all the more reason to love their country, but we're sure even the patriotic John Cena wants these photos forgotten.

1 Much Music Video Awards

💋💖 #mmvas

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Considering Nikki is currently taking time away from the company to recover from what was said to have been an ongoing neck injury after she competed against The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania a few months ago, it seems that she is definitely not resting much as part of her hiatus.

Instead, Nikki has been attending a number of awards shows like the Much Music Video Awards that were held back in June by IHeartRadio and she showed up looking absolutely incredible in this black dress that seemingly left nothing to the imagination. Now, there are parts of a woman that only her future husband should be seeing, so Cena can't be happy that Nikki went to an Awards Show dressed this way and then decided to post proof of it on Instagram.


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