10 Underrated Shows To Watch On The WWE Network

While most WWE fans subscribe to the WWE Network for the monthly pay-per-views, it's also a treasure trove of original content. They've dedicated a lot of time and money to developing shows that set the network apart as more than just a pay-per-view machine. Some are promoted heavily, others are sneakily sitting in the background waiting to be discovered. We've rounded up some of the best, underrated shows on the WWE Network, so you never run out of things to watch.

10 Table For 3

WWE decided to shake up the typical interview formula by taking out the interviewer. Instead, three WWE talents have dinner together and ask each other the questions they want to know. It's a different approach that breeds a casual feeling from everyone. It's hardly the most exciting content out there, but it's a lot of fun.

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This show could not be more made for the trio of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. Their natural chemistry is so strong considering how much time they spend together on the road. It's a great window into how the New Day came to be.

9 WWE Ride Along

This has to be among the most promoted of WWE's programming, often times appearing in their regular weekly shows. A simple concept, Ride Along uses minimum cameras to capture WWE stars on their way from city to city. We get to see them interact in a unique setting outside of the ring and take a glimpse into their behind the scenes lives.

To be fair, Ride Along can feel a bit contrived sometimes. That's why the episode "Hounds of the Highway" which features the Shield in one car and Bayley and Sasha Banks in the other, is our favorite. Everything feels so natural and it's not hard to imagine they actually travel together when the cameras are off.

8 365: Kevin Owens

It's not clear if the 365 documentaries are a format they're going to continue. Only two have been released so far, probably because it's a lot of effort to follow one person for a year straight. There's no guarantee that anything newsworthy will even happen.

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Something newsworthy did happen for Kevin Owens, though; many things in fact. It showcases the highs and lows of a very turbulent year in his career. From being the Universal Champion to a disappointing performance at WrestleMania, he goes through it all. Part of what makes this particular documentary work is how Owens wears both his ambition and his heart on his sleeve.

7 Monday Night War

The 20-part series hit the Network in 2014, but it's timeless content. Chronicling the short period of time that WWE Monday Night RAW and WCW Nitro went head-to-head, each episode focuses on one unique component to the way the story unfolded. Granted, history is written by the victor, and that is especially true in this case. Taken with a large grain of salt, it's a fascinating look at the industry.

The whole series is excellent, but in particular, "Monday Night Jericho" is a cut above. It really speaks to how much of a once-in-a-lifetime talent Chris Jericho is, as he's still one of the most talked about wrestlers in the business.

6 WWE 24: Finn Balor

Finn Balor's Universal Championship win, and subsequently relinquishing it, was a devastating blow to the WWE Universe. Unsurprisingly, WWE followed his rehab and eventual return in a WWE 24.

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We watch him give up the title, go through the entire rehabbing process, and deal with WWE moving on without him. But, we also get to see him spend time with his family and just stop moving for a moment. It's a rare look at how sometimes, injuries are blessings in disguise. As Balor said, "to shoot an arrow, you have to pull it backward." It's one of the best WWE 24 episodes that they've produced so far, and Balor shines as the star of it.

5 Walk With Elias: The Documentary

WWE's foray into mockumentary filmmaking came last year with Walk With Elias: The Documentary. Over the past couple of years, Elias has gotten himself massive heat by portraying a hipster guitar player who insults whatever town he happens to be in. Taking it to the next level, Elias released an EP with five original songs. (It's not bad actually.) The deadpan humor that comes with how seriously Elias appears to take himself is always entertaining.

Although WWE hasn't applied this format to anyone else, it's a fun idea that could have potential moving forward. Typically they ride the line between kayfabe and reality but this one was fully set in the larger-than-life world of RAW and SmackDown.

4 Camp WWE

Seth Green's brainchild, Camp WWE, took a long time to get off the ground. After a while in production, they eventually aired two seasons of the adult cartoon. With shades of South Park, it imagines WWE superstars as kids attending a summer camp and getting into all sorts of shenanigans. They curse like sailors and are always in some sort of inappropriate situation.

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Camp WWE also takes on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's love story in a fun, unique way. The episode "Vince Is Just Not That Into You" centers around a teenaged Hunter trying to woo Vince for his permission to date Stephanie. Mostly though, he just wants Vince to be his friend. It's surprisingly sweet for the usually crass show.

3 Unfiltered With Renee Young

Renee Young is quite possibly the most dynamic non-wrestling talent in WWE today. She's making her mark at the commentary desk on RAW but she once had her own interview show on the network. Unfiltered was a fresh alternative to the standard press interviews superstars usually do. Everyone knows and everyone loves her.

Before Ambrose and Young were married, they kept their relationship fairly low key. On camera, they acted like friendly co-workers, even though we all knew they were together. The episode "Dean Ambrose" plays with that worst kept secret in the most delightful way. Catch Young asking him about his dog and new house, both of which they share.

2 Countdown

One of the older pieces of content on the Network still very much holds up now. The most recent episode of Countdown is from 2015, but in a way that adds to its charm. Each episode looks at the top 10 moments, superstars, or matches for a particular category. Current and recent WWE talent provides commentary throughout, reminding us how big of fans most of them are.

The best part about this show is that unlike most wrestling, it doesn't take itself too seriously. Sometimes in this business, things go wrong. We get to watch our favorite stars reminisce on Sid Vicious' promo and the Shockmaster's infamous debut.

1 WWE Breaking Ground

Lesser known than WWE's reality show Tough Enough, Breaking Ground is everything the former should've been. It forgoes the drummed up drama for an honest look at what it's like to train as an NXT superstar. We see the ups and the downs, it is anything but glamorous.

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This particular episode follows Sasha Banks and Bayley right after their now-famous NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn match. We get to see the Triple H tell them they're going to be the main event of the next one. You know it's coming but their reaction will still make you choke up.

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