Undertaker and Sting Meet Face To Face...

Well, it appears The Undertaker and Sting did in fact have a stare down following WrestleMania. Unfortunately it took place at the Mineta San Jose International Airport rather than the SAP Center on Monday Night Raw.

It's been the long lasting wish of wrestling fans to see The Phenom and The Icon clash on the grandest stage. With Triple H now behind him, it's unclear as to what Sting's WWE future is, but the fact is, the WWE would be robbing fans if they didn't have Sting face Taker. Both men looked good at WrestleMania and there'd be no better ending to their careers than them locking up next year in Dallas.

If this match does happen at WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium next year, please, just let the two legends go at it by themselves this time. That's probably what Sting was telling Undertaker. That, or he was asking him, "can I go over this time?"

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Undertaker and Sting Meet Face To Face...