10 Coolest Undertaker Entrances Of All Time

There are few things as bone-chilling as one of The Undertaker's entrances. The gong hits, an organ bellows, and moonlight seeps into the room. Smoke and darkness set and The Dead Man's somber presence appears in an ominous haze. Before the bell has even rung, the crowd is enraptured by the eerie display and everyone is filled with excitement.

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Even The Phenom's most standard, classic appearances are something to behold, but there have been countless unforgettable moments that left the audience in awe. From bat wings to burials, here are 10 of the most sinister and iconic entrances.

10 WrestleMania IX

Ceasar's Palace is no stranger to campy gimmicks and WrestleMania 9's Roman Empire theme (including camels and vestals feeding grapes to wrestlers) was no different.

Immersed in a giant cloud of green smoke on his way to face the Giant Gonzalez, Taker somehow managed to make the motif work and look menacing while doing so. Robust Roman servants escorted Undertaker to the ring in a grand chariot with a live vulture perched by his side.

While the match itself was nothing interesting and ended in a DQ after Gonzalez tried to chloroform Taker, The Phenom's theatrical entrance was mesmerizing and memorable.

9 Survivor Series 1996

During the mid-90's, Undertaker was always seen as one of the roster's most impressive talents, but with few title matches, The New Generation era rarely showcased his true skill. Then came Survivor Series 1996 where he faced Mankind and had finally met his match.

Madison Square Garden witnessed a new entrance for The Undertaker as he descended from the rafters, arms extended, donning a large pair of bat wings and an intense glare. Paul Bearer sold the shock factor seamlessly as he ran into the cage placed mid-ring in an attempt to hide from Bat Taker. Definitely an entrance for the books.

8 WrestleMania XXV


While there were no macabre props used in this particular entrance, it remains one of the most remarkable for the sheer fact that it was conceptually sound.

At WrestleMania's 25th anniversary, The Undertaker was set to face Shawn Michaels. An angelic melody and display of bright clouds filled the arena as HBK descended from a floating platform wearing a long jacket and hat, mimicking Undertaker's attire, in white.

Once Michaels made his way to the ring, The Dead Man's classic "dong!" sounded as the titantron displayed flashes of lightning between menacing clouds. Taker then rose from beneath the stage, donning his iconic black coat and hat. Darkness and flaming pyrotechnics ensued as he made his way to the ring.

What made this entrance special was the contrast of white and black, light and darkness, descent from heaven; rise from hell. The storytelling from the entrances to the end of the match itself was fantastic.

7 SummerSlam 1992

Under the bright red glow of the "SummerSlam" sign, Undertaker delivered a brilliant entrance with the help of Paul Bearer, leading the way.

After emerging through the billowing smoke with a gold urn, Bearer was followed by a hearse that contained a wooden casket and flowers. The Dead Man stood on the back of the slow-moving vehicle, looming over the crowd, as his trademark hat covered his eyes.

While the proceeding match against Kamala fell short, the somber hearse-ride was an impressively grim display and cemented Taker's legacy in the following years to come.

6 WrestleMania XIX


Regardless of how you felt about "The WWE's favorite band in the whole world" Limp Bizkit, there was no denying their mainstream success in the early 2000s.

Seattle "put their hands in the air" for an explosive live performance of "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" which was American Badass Taker's signature theme.

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Finally, Undertaker revved in on his motorcycle and barreled down the entrance ramp with a giant American flag attached to his bike, waving behind him. The whole performance had the audience roaring and remains one of the best non-creepy Taker entrances of all-time.

5 Unleash The Flames: WrestleMania XXVIII

The Undertaker's history of providing fans with hair-raising entrances has been consistent and superb over the years. This didn't change at Mania 28 when he faced Triple H in a monstrous cage for Hell in a Cell.

Glowing blue light filled the stadium as thick clouds of smoke circled the WrestleMania sign and monstrous large flames roared. Out came The Dead Man in impaling fashion as he stepped forward revealing a hooded, spike-filled cloak.

Walking through the wildfire made it seem as though he had literally stepped through the gates of hell, waiting to face The Game himself.

4 Haunting Hands: WrestleMania XXIX

In what can only be described as one of The Dead Man's most ominous entrances, the Undertaker impressed fans yet again at WrestleMania 29 when he emerged amidst the darkness and stormy blue clouds.

Dressed in a hooded black cloak, The Phenom made his way to the ring looking as demonic as ever. Lightning flashed and a fiery inferno set Metlife Stadium ablaze as if the Olympian Gods were angered.

The most memorable part of this entrance was Taker's silhouette amid the smoke as the hands of the eternally damned reached up from below. He looked like a grim reaper amongst a sea of lost souls, and it was perfect.

Fun fact: The hands shown belong to Byron Saxton, Viktor, Kassius Ohno, Jake Carter, Xavier Woods, Luke Harper, Sami Zayn, Rusev, Konnor and Adam Rose.

3 A Path Of Druids: WrestleMania XIV

"The thunder. The lightning!" The rumbling hype surrounding Undertaker's first match against his brother Kane was one of WWE's most anticipated moments. It came to fruition at Mania 14, and while it was the first time the two came face-to-face, it was far from the last.

Druids filed out from the WrestleMania tunnel, cloaked and bearing torches as the classic "O Fortuna" played. As the flames lit the darkness, the druids formed two lines and created an impressive arch of flames.

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The tunnel illuminated, lightning hit, and everyone stared as The Undertaker came out, in Attitude Era "Lord of Darkness" garb. The theatrics, the story-telling, and the drama made this entrance and match one of the most memorable in history and is still regarded as one of the all-time best to this day.

2 SummerSlam 1994

In 1994, Undertaker vs. Underfaker went down when "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase produced a doppelganger (Brian Lee) to fight the real Dead Man for the title of sole Taker.

The faux Phenom stood in the ring awaiting his opponent as Paul Bearer emerged, and two hooded men in dark robes wheeled a large casket to ringside.

As a cloud of smoke escaped, Paul Bearer lifted a giant golden urn from the casket and everything went dark. He then removed the lid, illuminating the blacked stadium with a beam of bright white light that shone on his face like a flashlight during campfire ghost stories.

In this cinematic moment, Bearer pointed the spotlight around the arena, as if to motion that Taker's spirit was trying to escape. The crowd went wild as they knew the genuine Deadman was about to appear

In his classic purple gloves, bathed in both light and darkness, Taker made his way to the ring to face his fraudulent opponent.

1 WrestleMania XX

In one of the most chilling entrances in wrestling history, The Dead Man was resurrected, after three years of Biker Undertaker, at WrestleMania 20.

Following a storyline from Survivor Series 2003 where Kane shockingly entombed The American Badass—seemingly ending his 13-year career—fans were left astounded as Taker made a mighty return.

Lights dimmed and a nostalgic "Ohhh yesss!" echoed across the room revealing Paul Bearer, who hadn't appeared in WWE for years, carrying his classic urn. The camera pans to a frightened Kane, shaking his head, exclaiming "I buried you alive!"—selling the scene with genuine horror.

As the torch-bearing druids from WrestleMania 14 followed suit in cult-like fashion, the entire spectacle really felt like a ritual of resurrection. This was confirmed as the gong sounded, lightning crashed and out walked The Undertaker. Fans roared, the stage was set, and The Undertaker proved once and for all that he would never rest in peace.

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