Undertaker Reportedly In Philadelphia [Photo]

The Undertaker's future with the WWE could not be anymore unclear. Though Roman Reigns defeated him and WrestleMania 33 and claimed he "retired" The Deadman, there has been no formal announcement from the wrestling icon nor the WWE.

Undertaker returned on the Raw 25th Anniversary show, and fans were expecting him to give an update on his future. Instead, The Phenom's promo was quite bleak - talking about how many people he put away without giving any indications on his wrestling future.

It's come to a point where any time we see The Undertaker or hear about his name, we start getting excited about a possible return. It's time for another one of those moments, as this fan spotted The Deadman in Philadelphia - the sight of tonight's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Undertaker appears to be with wife Michelle McCool (who has been rumoured to be a surprise entry in the very first 30-woman Royal Rumble), and his daughter, Kaia Fath. Could that mean we will see him appear at tonight's show? We'll find out shortly.


Before his appearance at the Raw 25th special, it was rumoured that John Cena would come out and challenge him to "one more match" at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

But the reason it didn't happen? According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Cena instead had to confront Elias on Raw, as the two are about to begin a feud. As such, there wasn't a chance for him to challenge 'Taker as well. So the dream match between the two wrestling legends could still happen.

The Undertaker has made plenty of shocking and unexpected returns throughout his career; it's always been part of his gimmick. So we can't be surprised if he does show up at the Royal Rumble, but also can't be disappointed if the lights don't go out.


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Undertaker Reportedly In Philadelphia [Photo]