Undertaker Looks Very Normal In Recent Photo

Since losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker has not been seen on WWE programming, and nobody knows for sure if he's going to keep wrestling or if he's retired for good.

But as many of you are aware, The Undertaker always dyes his hair and beard black when he's involved with WWE. Outside of the ring, the man has some very grey hair (he is 52 years of age, after all). Because many fans aren't exactly used to seeing him without the black hair and attire, 'Taker looks a lot older when he's donning his natural hair colors.

However, 'Taker is looking somewhat normal once again. His wife, Michelle McCool, posted this photo on Instagram:

Quick side note: Could having black hair mean The Undertaker is prepared to for a return to the WWE? Stay tuned.


It's also worth noting Undertaker has needed a handful of surgeries in recent years, including hip replacement earlier this year. He's wrestled for nearly three decades, and his 6-foot-10 frame did its best in holding up all these years.

However, fans may not have to wait long until they see The Deadman at least once more on WWE programming. The expectation is that Undertaker will be present at the Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary special at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 22. Other wrestling legends like Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho are expected to be there as well.

There were rumors back in October that Kane's recent return to the WWE would set up a Brothers of Destruction reunion match at Survivor Series, though that never happened.

Fans won't know anytime soon when The Undertaker officially retires. His whole career has been based around unexpected and shocking returns. At any point, the lights could go out and his music could hit again. But perhaps he'll give us an update if he is at the 25th Anniversary show...

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