Why Undertaker's Raw 25 Promo Was So Confusing

Apparently, The Undertaker's promo on Monday night may have been confusing because he was thrown off by the size of the Manhattan Center.

One of the most anticipated segments of Raw's 25th-anniversary show was the return of The Undertaker. Fans had not seen The Deadman since he was defeated by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 and were hoping that the long-standing question of whether he would ever compete again would be finally answered one way or the other.

Unfortunately, that question was not answered. The Phenom came to the ring at the Manhattan Center and gave a promo that didn't really make any sense. Taker simply listed some of the Superstars he defeated over his long and storied career and added that they can now rest in peace. He then left the ring and Jim Ross questioned whether what The Deadman had just said was supposed to be a warning.

Good question JR. Was it a warning? Was it a retirement speech? It wasn't really much of anything and at points, The Undertaker seemed like he himself was confused. According to Pro Wrestling Torch, there may be a reason for that. The Torch believes that Taker was thrown off by the size of the Manhattan Center and that's why his promo was so confusing.

The Manhattan Center theory is an interesting one, but puzzling if true because The Undertaker has wrestled there before a number of times. It has likely been a while since he has stepped foot in the building though and will have become used to much larger audiences. While he didn't answer the retirement question there have been reports since that he is not yet done with wrestling, and the plans for a match with John Cena at WrestleMania 34 are still very much in place.



We will likely never know what it was that threw The Undertaker off in the Manhattan Center on Raw this week if it was indeed anything at all. Perhaps this was all a ploy and the promo the sure-fire Hall of Famer gave was intentionally ambiguous to get fans talking in the way that we have been. Whether it was or not, it has still seemingly left a bad taste in the mouths of many members of the WWE Universe.

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