Undertaker Survivor Series Return For One More Match Rumor

Rumors that The Undertaker's career isn't done quite yet continue to get stronger and stronger as Survivor Series gets closer.

Whatever happens with The Undertaker's career going forward is still a question, but what happened after his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 will never be forgotten. The Deadman removed his hat, coat, and gloves and left them in the center of the ring. All signs pointed towards that being the end of Undertaker's in-ring career, but as time passed, rumors continue to surface that Taker isn't done quite yet.

The rumors began when murmurings of a John Cena versus Undertaker match taking place at Survivor Series began to surface. Allegedly, The Phenom told WWE that he would wrestle one more time, but only if it was against Cena. Water got thrown on the flames of those rumors after it seemed that Cena's filming schedule meant he wouldn't be available for Survivor Series, but now the circumstances might have changed.


As reported by Sportskeeda, WWE is now advertising John Cena as being a part of Survivor Series. The 16 time World Champion has been included on the event's poster and is also listed as a featured Superstar for the event. That alone has refueled the rumors that The Undertaker will be returning for that one match against Big Match John.


Everyone has assumed for years that The Undertaker's last match would take place at WrestleMania. It's where he had some of his most memorable matches and for the majority of his career built up his legendary undefeated streak. There would also be a good reason for him retiring at Survivor Series though. The November event is where The Undertaker made his debut for WWE all the way back in 1990, so it would be fitting for him to wrestle his last match there also.


While The Undertaker's post-match occurrences at WrestleMania 33 will be remembered for years to come, the match that preceded them will not. The Deadman's age was shown up more than ever before in what was really a very poor bout. Based on that alone Taker should probably never step foot in a WWE ring again. However, if he is going to, then it surely has to be for the long-awaited dream match between him and John Cena.

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