Undertaker In Town For SummerSlam Backstage Update

As one of the four major mixed-brand pay-per-views offered by the WWE each year, SummerSlam is a stacked card. Full of high-end matches and maybe a few surprises, adding The Undertaker would arguably put the show over the top. He's one of the WWE's biggest stars. While there's no confirmation The Undertaker will make his presence known on the pay-per-view itself, or if he does, where it might be, WrestleZone learned that "The Deadman" is in Brooklyn and likely headed backstage for the show.

Photos began to make the rounds of The Undertaker on a plane headed for New York prompting speculation that he might appear on the card to cost Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar a victory in the Fatal 4-Way match. In both cases, Taker has a beef that requires settling some business in the ring. In the case of Reigns, it would likely include a storyline that saw Reigns hint at retiring The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

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There is an alternative theory, however.

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It could be more likely that Taker could be in town to record footage for a video package or for the upcoming WWE 2K18 video game. There is a rumor that this trip may not be business-related at all and that he and wife Michelle McCool wanted to come out and spend time with old friends during one of the biggest weekends of the year for the company.


Either way, if The Undertaker is indeed backstage at SummerSlam it's safe to assume something is brewing in the WWE. Regardless of how many times he shows up, or how slow he's gotten when it comes to his in-ring ability, there is no denying his ability to draw an audience. Adding The Undertaker to SummerSlam, or WrestleMania 34, whichever is the case, means the show has taken a big leap in terms of credibility.

SummerSlam appears to already be a can't-miss show if you're a part of the WWE Universe. If The Undertaker makes an appearance, everyone will be talking about it. For now, consider his showing up a rumor, but as they say in WWE, anything can happen.

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