10 Worst Moments From The Undertaker’s WWE Career

The Undertaker is widely considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, but let's not pretend like he's a saint. The guy has had his fair share of knocks and bad moments in this business, and the majority of them have happened in WWE.

The last thirty years have been a complete and utter blessing in regards to having him stay around for as long as he has, but it'd be wrong of us to avoid the negatives.

When the Deadman finally hangs them up we'll be happy to pay tribute, but now is the time to be honest.

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10 The Goldberg Disaster

When it was announced that The Undertaker would face Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, it’s not like people thought it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread. However, what we wound up getting was far worse than most of us could’ve possibly imagined.

They just couldn’t seem to get into any kind of rhythm out there, with Goldberg sustaining a concussion that led to one of the worst final sequences of a match that we can remember.

Hopefully, fans will be able to forget about this in the years to come.

9 WrestleMania IX

The Undertaker should not be forced into a situation where he needs to face a wrestler like Giant Gonzalez, but that was precisely what transpired back at WrestleMania IX.

The match was horrible and so was the finish, and it’s the closest that Taker ever got to having his streak broken before it actually was by Brock.

It’s bouts like this that remind us of why WWE was in such a bad position back in the nineties, and why fans should hope and pray that they never return to a point such as this.

8 Rey Mysterio Match

Back in 2010, The Undertaker took part in a match against Rey Mysterio – which happened on a few occasions that year. In this instance, some kind of breakdown in communication led to Rey hitting a move on Taker that caused him to sustain a broken nose as well as a concussion.

While it may not be a major highlight for some, it certainly served as a reminder to the Phenom that he wasn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore. With that being said, the guy is still going almost a decade later, so what do we know?

7 The Higher Power

The big Higher Power angle was seemingly done in order to service one man and one man only: Vince McMahon and his precious ego. Taker was simply a pawn in the game and didn’t really come across as the man that was steering the ship, despite the fact that this is exactly what should’ve happened.

There were so many interesting and unique directions that this could’ve, and arguably should’ve, been taken in. When push came to shove, though, it felt thrown together and that’s not what you want for an angle of this magnitude.

6 No Sting Dream Match

When Sting came to WWE it felt like it was just a matter of time before we saw the match that the world had been waiting for: The Undertaker vs The Stinger. Alas, as a result of Sting bafflingly being booked to face Triple H instead, it didn’t come to fruition.

Sting’s retirement at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the following year served as confirmation that this dream match would not be taking place, and that truly does eat us up inside. It could’ve done wonders for The Undertaker’s legacy.

5 Eye Socket Injury

Around two decades ago Taker suffered a pretty nasty injury to his eye socket during his feud with Mabel, the man that would eventually be known as Viscera. This led to him wearing a very unusual mask for a while which didn’t really suit his style or character.

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The mask itself wasn’t all too bad but the fact that he suffered this injury in the first place is almost certainly a memory that he will not want to recall. He’s a proud man and he fought through it, but any kind of weakness to a superstar like that isn’t going to be welcomed with open arms.

4 Joining Social Media

We doubt that The Undertaker has much of an influence when it comes to his social media accounts, but the fact that he has them at all is just utterly baffling and downright bizarre in our eyes.

This is one of the most mystical characters in the history of professional wrestling, and now he’s taking part in the social convention of social media? It doesn’t really make much sense and we believe that it should’ve been put on pause until after he retired – although we’re not entirely convinced that he ever actually will at this stage.

3 Burying Paul Bearer

The Undertaker won a match to save his long-time manager Paul Bearer, only to make the decision to bury him alive himself. It was an utterly bizarre storyline that didn’t really make all too much sense, and even to this day, we’re questioning why they decided that going through with it at all would be a smart way forward.

Storylines are storylines and we understand that they don’t mean much in the eyes of some, but we don’t like how often WWE seems to forget about the past due to sheer laziness.

2 Losing To Reigns

The worst part of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 33 loss to Roman Reigns was the manner in which he lost. The Big Dog was always likely to beat him, but in the end, the match just didn’t live up to the hype.

Taker gave it his best but the chemistry between the two men simply wasn’t there this time around.

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Oh, and we aren’t all too pleased about the fact that they made it seem like Taker was going to retire, only to have him return again the following year. It makes the end of that Mania feel completely pointless.

1 The Streak Ends

Brock Lesnar hit The Undertaker with a third F5 in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX and pinned him in the middle of the ring to end The Streak.

It was a moment where time stood still, and no, that’s not an exaggeration.

Taker’s performance in the match was also called into question, as it was revealed that he sustained a concussion early on in the bout.

Brock did his best, but the match just wasn’t what it could’ve been.

Was it a mistake? That will be debated for many years to come.

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