15 Unrecognizable Brothers & Sisters Of Wrestlers

The family life of a wrestler is a huge motivation for succeeding in the wrestling business. Everyone wants to make a lot of money and bring pride to their loved ones. Many wrestlers will bring their families to the big shows, like WrestleMania and SummerSlam. WWE documentaries have shown various relatives, including siblings, showing up to support the Superstars. The history of siblings in wrestling has given us many on-screen acts. Bret and Owen Hart, Brie and Nikki Bella, and Dustin and Cody Rhodes are just three pairs of siblings that found success both together and separately in WWE.

There are also the siblings that don’t work in the wrestling business but still are known due to being related to such a big star. We will look at the instances of siblings that would surprise you. These brothers and sisters of wrestlers may not look exactly like their relatives, but they are closely related. Fans would be surprised to see them stand next to their siblings and realize they are brothers, sisters or brother and sister. Find out if your favorite wrestler has a sibling you’ve never seen before and wouldn’t guess. These are fifteen unrecognizable brothers and sisters of wrestling stars.


15 Jenni Neidhart (Natalya)

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The stunning Natalya Neidhart is the daughter of former WWE wrestler Jim Neidhart. Natalya is keeping the Hart family tradition going as one of the premiere performers in the women’s division for SmackDown today.

The Total Divas reality show has shown us the shocking revelation that Natalya has a sister named Jenni.

Jenni is also stunning but doesn’t get involved in the wrestling business outside of being in the life of Natalya with the reality shows capturing it. One episode featured Jenni developing a crush on Big E and Natalya trying to play match maker in getting them together. Jenni and Natalya appear to be drastically different people with completely different objectives, but they clearly love each other. It is also shocking to realize both these bombshells are the daughters of Jim Neidhart.

14 Matt Cena (John Cena)

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John Cena may very well be on pace to retire as the greatest WWE Superstar of all-time. WWE has seen Cena accomplish just about everything possible in the company with the greatest of grace. Cena was able to get friends or relatives hired like Hulk Hogan and other top draws for WWE. The fact that John had an athletic brother is a huge surprise to realize.

Matt Cena is the brother of John and looks like he could have been a wrestler if he trained at it. John never tried to get him hired since he takes the business seriously and wouldn’t want to give a spot to someone undeserving. Matt still does bond with his brother when it comes to lifting weights and training in the gym as seen by their pictures together.

13 Hannah Scherr (Braun Strowman)

Braun Strowman has become one of the top stars in WWE as a part of the main event scene on Raw. The success of Strowman has given us a rare case of a big man with agility and the right booking behind him to get over. Braun is clearly going to be a big part of WWE’s future with many of the older names transitioning out or retiring.

Hannah Scherr is the sister of Strowman and she has visited a few WWE shows as his guest.

Despite not being involved in the wrestling business, Hannah looks like an athlete thanks to her impressive height. Aside from both being rather tall humans, Hannah and Braun don’t look very much alike, and that is probably a good thing for Hannah.

12 Janny Kanellis (Maria Kanellis)

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The stunning Maria Kanellis returned to WWE in 2017 after a long stint away. Maria became a star in her own right working with her husband Mike Bennett as a package act in New Japan, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. The success in all three promotions landed them a spot in WWE together before Mike had to rehab from an addiction to prescription medication and Maria revealed she was pregnant with their first child.

It is rather shocking that her sister Janny Kanellis may be equally as stunning as Maria.

Most siblings would remain in the shadow of their sister being famous, stunning and successful to such a degree. Janny however is successful in her own right after attending the University of Illinois. Any picture of her will show you that she doesn’t even get overshadowed by her goddess of a sister. Both lucked out when it came to genetics treating them right.

11 Mika Rotunda (Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas)

Quite frankly, the attempt to imagine anyone being the real-life sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas is a tough task. Both current WWE stars are drastically different performers with looks that would shock you the first time you realize they are brothers and the sons of retired legend Mike Rotunda. There’s another sibling in play here as Mika is the daughter of Mike.

Mika has a close relationship with her brothers and is a close friend of multiple ladies on the WWE roster. There have been rumors about Mika potentially joining WWE, especially when the teases of a Sister Abigail character were out there. Nothing has come from it and Mika appears to have other career paths away from the ring. Mika’s role in the wrestling world is the surprising sister of Bray and Bo.

10 Rod McMahon (Vince McMahon)

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One of the biggest surprises in wrestling is the realization that Vince McMahon has a brother. Vince used a lot of relatives on screen with Stephanie, Shane and Linda all becoming characters in the Attitude Era.

Rod McMahon is the brother of Vince and seemed to stay far away from the wrestling bubble.

There was one rumor that Rod would come in as the new owner in the public eye when Vince faked his own death with a limo explosion, but the angle ended after one week. Rod shows his age more than Vince and looks like a normal human being rather than a ripped old man. The nephews of Vince are giant men making it even more surprising Vince didn’t try to bring them into WWE given his preference for big men and his love of family. It is likely Vince and Rod don’t speak often as Rod isn’t a part of the WWE family.

9 Hadassah Perry (Lana)

Most would assume that any sibling of Lana would be overshadowed. Lana is a stunning bombshell that would objectively be considered one of the best looking people on the planet. It appeared as though the genetics also worked out in her sister’s favor. Rene Lovit was deemed the sister of Lana and holds her own when it comes to looking great in the family pictures. However, it was all a work as she was only Lana's sister for the reality show.

Her real sister is Hadassah Perry. The two share a close connection and have lots of pictures with another whether it would be with Nia Jax or just the two of them posing for a photo. Many would say that Lana's reality show sister resembled her more so than her actually real-life sis.


8 Malachi Jackson (Young Bucks)

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The Young Bucks have become one of the hottest acts in the wrestling business today. Matt and Nick Jackson took their passion for wrestling and turned it into a money-making act as important members of the Bullet Club. If you are not working in WWE, you want to be referenced with the Young Bucks when it comes to working on the same shows and having the same business opportunities.

There is one Jackson brother that you likely have never heard of; the younger brother of Matt and Nick is named Malachi Jackson.

Malachi tried his luck in PWG wrestling in opening matches. Despite showing off impressive athletic moves, Malachi decided wrestling wasn’t for him and moved into another career path. Considering how much money his brothers are making today, you must wonder if Malachi wishes he remained in wrestling.

7 Teil Margaret (Cody and Dustin Rhodes)

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Everyone thinks of Cody and Dustin Rhodes when it comes to the children of Dusty Rhodes due to their ties in wrestling. One of their siblings loves the wrestling industry but did not choose to enter it like her brothers.

Teil Margaret is the daughter of Dusty Rhodes and the sibling of Dustin and Cody.

She has appeared at various events with her brothers that honored Dusty such as the unveiling of his statue and the Dusty Rhodes Classic finals. A recent appearance of Teil saw her kiss Cody’s ring in the crowd at a Ring of Honor show. The social media page of Teil may be as entertaining as her brothers as she shares her takes in the world of wrestling. She also shows support for her brothers and their careers as one of the main uses of Twitter for the daughter of the American Dream.

6 Billie Sue Danielson (Daniel Bryan)

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The rise of Daniel Bryan made him one of the all-time greats in WWE. WrestleMania will always have to feature his WrestleMania XXX celebration in highlight videos since it perfectly represents everything great about the event. Bryan has stated his only regret from the magical night was that WWE prevented Brie Bella from coming down to the ring to take part in the celebration.

One person to enter the ring for the big moment was Bryan’s sister Billie Sue Danielson. Many WWE fans were confused since Billie was never on the television program like many of the other wrestlers’ siblings. However, it became apparent that Billie and her daughter were called in to share the big win of Uncle Daniel’s career. Billie lives a humble life in Seattle and has stated most people wouldn’t believe her brother is one of the biggest stars in wrestling.

5 Amy Hennig (Curtis Axel)

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The Hennig family has been wrestling for generations with the passion for the business continuing through each generation. The late Mr. Perfect aka Curt Hennig is the most popular member of the Hennig family as a true wrestling legend. Most fans are aware that Curtis Axel is the son of Mr. Perfect as it has been referenced on television quite a few times.

However, it is a shock when finding out that Axel has a sister that tried her luck in the wrestling business as well.

Amy Hennig wrestled on the independent circuit after being trained by Harley Race in hopes of getting on WWE’s radar. It never worked out for her as WWE only saw potential in Axel. Both siblings look drastically different but shared the love of wrestling enough to follow in their father’s footsteps.

4 Barry Orton (Cowboy Bob Orton)

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The father and grandfather of Randy Orton have been referenced on WWE television for many years when referencing his legacy in the industry, but his uncle is never mentioned. Randy’s father “Cowboy” Bob Orton achieved success in WWE during the rise of the promotion as one of the foes to Hulk Hogan. It helped find a way for WWE to introduce Randy as a third-generation star.

Barry Orton is the forgotten Orton as the uncle of Randy and the brother of Bob. The enhancement talent is forgotten today unless you remember the sex scandal stories to hit WWE in the early 90s. Barry accused Terry Garvin of sexually assaulting him after Garvin was accused by various ring boys. The interviews of Barry saw him call out Vince McMahon for encouraging the sexual harassment in WWE. It led to Barry being blacklisted and essentially forgotten by the Orton family.

3 Summer Anoa’i (Roman Reigns)

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Roman Reigns is the face of WWE today with at least another decade as a major star unless something drastically changes. WWE has gone above and beyond to present Reigns as being the wrestler worthy of replacing John Cena as the man the show is booked around. Reigns has a big family with many of his relatives having careers in WWE.

One of the rare members of the Anoa’i family not involved in wrestling is Roman’s sister Summer Anoa’i.

All images of Summer show she’s in great shape and likely could be involved in wrestling if she wanted to train for it. The late Rosey was the brother of Reigns and Summer as well proving all siblings don’t have to look exactly alike nor must they have the same career path.

2 Sam Houston (Jake Roberts)

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The legendary Jake Roberts seems to have had his moment of redemption after many years of battling substance and alcohol abuse. Roberts got clean with the help of DDP Yoga and would get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. A little-known fact about Roberts throughout his wrestling career was the fact that he had a brother wrestling in the industry as well.

Sam Houston tried his luck in the business hoping to achieve the same success as his brother. The look of Houston was completely different as he was clean-shaven with an old school babyface presentation. Roberts always looked rough around the edges and it worked to his advantage. Houston may have been the brother of Roberts’, but they did not have similar careers or styles at all.

1 Logan Caine (Al Snow)

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A rare occasion of a well-known wrestler having a brother in the business that very people knew about was Al Snow. The career of Snow was impressive in the late 90s with great success in ECW and a solid role in the mid-card for WWE in the Attitude Era. Snow achieved enough to still wrestle today with promotions wanting to book him in his old age.

Not many fans knew Snow had a brother in the industry named Logan Caine. The training of Caine was done by Snow and D’Lo Brown to help get his foot in the door the right away. Caine tried various gimmicks on the smaller independent circuit, but he never gained momentum. Snow and Caine also didn’t look very much alike like other brothers in the business meaning it was unlikely any promotion would use them as an act.


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