15 Unrecognizable Children Of 90s Wrestlers

You would never be able to guess that these people are the kin of the legendary performers.

The 90s featured the generation of the biggest wrestling stars in the history of the industry. Both WWE and WCW reached peaks in the decade with massive changes coming to the industry. Fans switched back and forth between Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars. Record breaking numbers for television ratings and PPV buy rates made wrestling a mainstream form of entertainment. Wrestling fans still hold on fondly to the memories of the era from their favorite wrestlers. However, time has passed as we are about two decades removed from the 90s.

You are a significantly different person today from your time watching WWE and WCW in the 90s. The same can be said for the performers everyone enjoyed watching. Most of the wrestlers from the time have children that have become adults. It shows just how far in the past that period of wrestling now is. We will age you by showing you images of the children of your favorite 90s wrestlers. You would never be able to guess that these people are the kin of the legendary performers. Get ready to feel old by looking at these unrecognizable pictures of the children of the wrestlers from the 90s.

15 Dewey Foley (Mick Foley)


The infamous promo from Mick Foley in ECW regarding a sign that read “Cane Dewey” helped him break out as a performer. Foley started to gain a reputation as a great promo before moving to WWE and becoming an icon. The sign represented the ignorant ECW fan making a rude comment about Mick’s young son Dewey.

14 Tristen Nash (Kevin Nash)


Someone with no role in the wrestling business to find his name in wrestling stories is Tristen Nash. The son of Kevin Nash is apparently a musician that doesn’t have any interest in continuing the family legacy in pro wrestling. That doesn’t Tristen isn’t a fighter since his stint in headlines would show otherwise. Both Tristen and Kevin were arrested a few years back when getting into a bloody fight with each other.

13 Cody Hall (Scott Hall)


Scott Hall is the best friend of Kevin Nash and he has had similar fathering issues. Cody Hall is the son of Scott and tried to enter the wrestling business to follow his dad’s footsteps. The relationship between Scott and Cody was strained for many years due to Scott’s addiction issues with drugs and alcohol. Cody returned to Scott’s life when Scott was starting to get clean with DDP Yoga.

12 Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker)


The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious men to ever enter the wrestling business. Most 90s wrestlers have participated in shoot interviews, podcasts and social media conversations to share their thoughts about their careers. Undertaker has refused to give into any of these ideas and kept his personal life rather quiet.

11 Frank Eudy (Sycho Sid)

Sid is forgotten when fans talk about 90s legends due to WWE phasing him out in historical content. Sid was a consistent main eventer in both WWE and WCW throughout the 90s. A brutal leg injury suffered at the end of WCW essentially ended his career. Sid continued wrestling a few years later, but he would only get booked on the independent circuit.

10 Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)


Rey Mysterio was one of the most surprising breakout stars of the 90s. Wrestling was a big man’s sport in the 90s, but the 5’4’’ Mysterio made an impact by joining WCW. The incredible matches of Mysterio helped make the cruiserweight division one of the most entertaining things on WCW television. Rey became a bigger star when joining WWE and having a main event run.

9 Jake Carter (Vader)

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Many fans would guess Vader’s son was Frankie from Boy Meets World since that was a memorable role of the legendary actor. However, his real son actually had a desire to have a career in wrestling. Jake Carter signed with WWE for a developmental contract that never really went anywhere. Carter made a few appearances on NXT TV but never had a role or came close to being called up.

8 Brittany Page (DDP)

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The work ethic of Diamond Dallas Page made him one of the most unlikely top stars of the 90s. Page entered the wrestling business later than most but found a way to get over in a major way. Any diehard fan of WCW during the Monday Night Wars has fond memories of DDP as he broke the glass ceiling that saw him face off with the legends in the company.

7 Megan Fliehr (Ric Flair)


Wrestling fans are familiar with most of Ric Flair’s children at this point. Charlotte Flair is one of the biggest stars in WWE today. David Flair is remembered for trying his hand in pro wrestling back in WCW. The late Reid Flair tried to make it in wrestling but suffered a very young death. One other sibling that fans wouldn’t recognize is Ric’s other daughter Megan Fliehr.

6 Richie Steamboat (Ricky Steamboat)


The career of Ricky Steamboat has been celebrated in the years following his retirement as he was ahead of his time. Ricky’s work resonates more with fans of the past fifteen years as the in-ring work became more important. All the wrestlers to work with him had the upmost respect for Ricky’s work in WCW and WWE.

5 Blade Hart (Bret Hart)


Any long-time fans to remember the Wrestling with Shadows documentary about Bret Hart’s WWE departure will have a memory of Bret’s then young child Blade Hart. The footage from the documentary shows Blade playing in the locker room with wrestlers like Sunny and The Head Bangers. Blade was visibly sad when asked about having to leave all his wrestler friends when his dad was moving to WCW.

4 Ariel Toombs (Roddy Piper)


The late Roddy Piper will always be remembered as one of the all-time greats. Piper was the perfect rival for Hulk Hogan in the 90s that helped WWE get to the next level as a mainstream product. The personality of Piper allowed him score leading roles in a few movies. Piper’s stunning daughter Ariel Toombs is following in his footsteps when it comes to the acting industry.

3 Devan Parker (Kane)


Kane is not the real life brother of The Undertaker, but he has a similar stance on keeping his personal life private. We have known very little about Kane’s life outside of the ring until recent years. A desire to start a political career is forcing Kane to show more of his personal to the public in hopes of allowing people to get to know and trust him.

2 Stephanie Williams (Stone Cold Steve Austin)


Steve Austin may be the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. The popularity of Austin in the 90s saw WWE reach new levels with him as the face of the company. Austin has done a good job keeping his private life outside of the public spotlight for most of his career. A prior relationship with fellow wrestling personality Lady Blossom saw Austin have a few children.

1 Simone Alexandra Johnson (The Rock)


Much like Steve Austin, The Rock has a daughter from a prior marriage that has started to surface in the spotlight. It is a different than other wrestling stories since The Rock is now one of the biggest stars in the world as a box office lead actor. Rock has appeared with various family members at red carpet events through the years.

Simone Alexandra Johnson has started to attend the events with her father. The height and build of Simone make it likely that she could be an athlete if she wanted. Vince McMahon already tries to hire all of Rock’s athletic relatives. Simone will likely have to turn down WWE at some point in her life. Despite being a teenager, she is already involved in blogs and tabloid magazines due to the celebrity status as the daughter of a major star.

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15 Unrecognizable Children Of 90s Wrestlers