15 Unrecognizable Wrestling Children

The personal lives of wrestlers are usually high profile and common knowledge. Social media and the power of the internet have made it almost impossible to have a private life. There are many children of wrestlers to develop their own followings thanks to their parents in the wrestling business. Brooke Hogan started a singing career solely due to being Hulk Hogan’s daughter. Noelle Foley has become a draw on the convention circuit when it comes to getting fans to want to buy her autographs or take pictures with her. Let’s not even discuss the second-generation wrestlers to become stars. Many kids of wrestlers have benefited greatly from their parents.

There is however a great deal of wrestling kids that have gone under the radar in the wrestling bubble. They have started to emerge in recent times. We will look at some of the wrestling children that you wouldn’t be able to detect as being the kids of these performers in person. They either don’t resemble the wrestler or resemble the wrestler too much to make it shocking. Time will tell if they enter the business or develop a higher profile. Here are fifteen wrestling children you wouldn’t be able to recognize in real life.


15 Frank Eudy (Sycho Sid)

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One of the most bizarre realizations is that Sycho Sid’s son Frank Eudy ended up on the reality series Big Brother. Frank appeared on the 14th and 18th seasons of Big Brother and his dad appeared at one point. Sid is way more intimidating than Frank, but you can see the resemblance in a few ways, especially the hair.

Frank enjoyed the spotlight on reality television but has no interest in working in the wrestling ring. The current job of Frank is a medical sales representative. No one would guess that Sid’s son had a double life of the dullest office job and a spot on a reality series. Sid and Frank deserve to enter a few reality show competitions as a team for our entertainment.

14 Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)

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Wrestling fans remember Dominic Gutierrez as the son of Rey Mysterio due to the controversial storyline back in 2005. Eddie Guerrero claimed to be the real father of Dominic leading to a ladder match with custody of Dominic on the line to remind you how ridiculous wrestling could be. Dominic is all grown up now and you wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

The growth spurt of Dominic has him significantly taller than his father Rey and is also jacked looking. Dominic wants to make his way into the professional wrestling industry to follow in his dad’s footsteps. The football background of Dominic shows he is athletic. Mysterio may see the family tradition continue as Dominic creates his own legacy. People used to think Dominic was an actor rather than Rey’s son in 2005, but that thought may exist today even more looking at them.

13 Devan Parker (Kane)

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Kane has been married for over two decades and has a family that has gone under the radar. Despite being quite famous for a long time, Kane has been relatively quiet about his personal life. All his peers have their personal lives referenced while Kane just keeps it under wraps. Kane running for Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee has given us a slightly closer glimpse into his life.

It has been revealed that Kane has two daughters and grandchildren. Devan Parker is one of Kane’s daughters and she is quite attractive. No one would guess that most demonic wrestler in WWE history would father such a stunning woman. We may see more of Parker if Kane continues to thrive in his mayor race leading to his family appearing at events.

12 Alana Leslie (Brutus Beefcake)

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Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake had a very successful career basically thanks to being close friends with Hulk Hogan. The friendship allowed Beefcake to make a lot of money in both WWE and WCW. Beefcake deserves credit for finding ways to thrive despite not having the best in-ring talent. The friendship between Beefcake and Hogan ended in recent years. Beefcake has a lot of other people to care for in his life, like his daughter.

Alana Leslie is the daughter of Brutus and she has even tried to follow his footsteps in wrestling. The ring name of Baby Beefcake saw her get involved after training to learn the basics. Alana hoped to make it to WWE or Impact Wrestling to truly get her career going on national television. The gorgeous performer unfortunately didn’t make it and has seemingly retired. Sadly, Alana didn’t have a close friend to get her hired like her dad did.

11 David Benoit (Chris Benoit)

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The life of David Benoit is rather difficult to imagine given the tragic story of his father. Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and other son Daniel before taking his own life. David was the son from another marriage and had to live with the pain of knowing what happened at the end of his father’s life. Despite the controversy surrounding the decision, David decided to enter the wrestling business.

David wants to become a star in wrestling. Many promoters would likely refuse to book him since it opens the topic of Chris’ heinous actions. David using the Benoit name is a poor choice to many, even if it is his real name. The fact that David looks a lot like his dad will make his journey difficult.

10 Jake Carter (Vader)

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Vince McMahon reportedly disliked Vader due to being out of shape and a “slob” in the word used by others. Vader’s son Jake Carter is nothing like his dad in that respect. Carter signed with WWE for a developmental contract allowing him to work in FCW and NXT. The physique of Carter was the opposite of his dad. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about his wrestling talent.

Carter lacked in the in-ring ability to get over. Vader always performed at a high level and brought something unique to the table as an agile big man. Carter did not last long in WWE and was released from his contract in 2013 after just two years in developmental. If not for the wrestling web sites reporting it, no one would have ever realized Vader was his dad at first glance.

9 Cody Hall (Scott Hall)

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Scott Hall is one of the greats, but it is no secret that he has been dealing with personal demons for many years now. The family of Hall paid the price by missing out on their husband and father. Cody Hall missed out on Scott being there for him like most fathers would. The two had a strained relationship for many years until Scott started to get clean.

Cody expressed an interest in learning pro wrestling and Scott was able to help him out. They formed a bond there for quite some time. Cody looks bigger than Scott did and wrestled a completely different style. Unfortunately, an injury put Cody on the shelf and his career is in doubt. Scott and Cody have had some hardships along the way, but they appear to be happy with their lives today.


8 Amy Hennig (Mr. Perfect)

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Mr. Perfect had a great career giving fans many great matches. The in-ring work of Curt Hennig was second to none and he lived up to the name of Mr. Perfect given to him by WWE. Everyone knows that Curtis Axel is the son of Perfect, but there was another wrestler trying to follow in his footsteps. Amy Hennig is the daughter of Curt and she tried to make it in the wrestling industry as well.

The career of Amy never took off and there’s no word if she is still wrestling today. Axel may not be a Superstar on equal lengths to where his dad was, but he found a way to become a fixture on the WWE roster. Amy wanted to reach this level of success as well. Things just didn’t shake out the same way for her.

7 Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard)

The stunning Tessa Blanchard has become one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world. Tessa wrestles all over the world having impressive matches against both men and women. The talent of Blanchard is obvious as she continues to become a bigger star. Blanchard is a familiar name as Tessa is the daughter of legendary wrestler Tully Blanchard.

As talented as Tully was, he never quite had the same look of Tessa when it came to such instant attention. Tessa backs it up with her work in the ring. The real-life relationship of Tessa and Ricochet makes them one of the most talented couples in wrestling today. You must believe Tessa may be joining Ricochet in WWE sooner than later. Tully must be proud of his daughter continuing the family tradition despite her different wrestling style.

6 Dakota Runnels (Goldust)

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Longtime WWE fans will remember Dakota Runnels from the times she was referenced during the Attitude Era. Her parents Goldust and Terri Runnels occasionally made fans aware of Dakota. This was about two decades ago and Dakota has grown up in that time. Goldust and Terri had a bitter divorce, but they managed to try to stay cordial for the betterment of Dakota.

Both parents have a close relationship with her today as referenced from all three of their social media pages. Dakota’s great looks don’t necessarily resemble Goldust nor Terri as much as it stands out as being her own form of beauty. It is obvious Dakota doesn’t want to wrestle after seeing some difficult times from her parents, collectively and on their own.

5 Brittany Page (Diamond Dallas Page)

The stunning good looks of Brittany Page makes her stand out as more than just the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page. Brittany was out of the public eye until DDP started to document his life for the DDP Yoga product. The early videos featuring Brittany moving into DDP’s home introduced her to fans of the program.

Brittany started to develop her own fan base as she did videos showing off the DDP Yoga exercises. Between her incredible looks, the yoga pants and workout poses, it was all a very flattering combination. Brittany is likely responsible for many men wanting to watch the workout videos and several women trying it out for similar results. The fact that she wasn’t on the radar until a few years ago is shocking.

4 David Finlay (Fit Finlay)


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David Finlay is currently making his name wrestling in New Japan. The talented young man has a strong background in wrestling as his father is the immensely respected Fit Finlay. Almost every wrestler in the industry has nothing but kind words to say about Finlay. The look, style and path of David is completely from his dad.

Unlike many other second generation wrestlers, David is truly trying to make it on his own. While he wants to add to the legacy of the Finlay name, he wants to do it his way rather than pretending to be a poor imitation of Fit. Passion and intensity are the only stand out similarities between the father and son as wrestlers. We may very well see them working together one day if David signs with WWE where Fit is a producer.

3 Ariel Toombs (Roddy Piper)

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Ariel Toombs is one of the most attractive wrestling daughters. The late Roddy Piper is her father meaning she likely is one tough cookie. Ariel has been acting for a few years with the hopes of it making it big. Recent rumors have circulated that Toombs is teaming with fellow wrestling daughters Brooke Hogan, Brittany Page and Lacey Von Erich to create a women’s promotion.

Ariel has been adamant about how much pride she took in her father’s wrestling career. Roddy showed his heart and passion every time he stepped foot in the ring. Ariel carries the same mindset towards her acting, singing and modeling. She also happens to be one of the best looking people in the planet. Piper would likely beat us up if he knew we were ogling his stunning daughter.

2 Mya Lesnar (Brock Lesnar)

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A surprising wrestling kid to surface in recent months is the daughter of Brock Lesnar. While Brock has been with Sable for about fifteen years now, Mya is the daughter from a prior relationship. Lesnar had twins with Mya and Luke. Pictures of Mya have leaked with the shocking revelation that she looks exactly like her father.

The fact that Brock is one of the toughest men on the planet likely makes her an intimidating figure as well. Lesnar clearly doesn’t take any nonsense and he wants to instill that into his children based off all evidence. Anyone to get on Mya’s bad side will risk getting destroyed by the young female version of Brock. No MMA cage is needed for her to destroy you with ease.

1 Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker)

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Gunner Calaway has remained a relatively silent wrestling kid even though his dad is The Undertaker. One fact about Undertaker is that he tries to stay away from social media as much as possible and even avoids taking pictures fans will post. That made it even more entertaining when his son Gunner made a public Twitter page a few years ago.

From posting Childish Gambino song lyrics to sharing his favorite video games, Gunner showed his opinions to the world. The ginger hair is something he gets from his dad as Undertaker’s hair is red when he doesn’t dye it. Gunner appeared to be quite the hipster making it even more amazing that he was the son of The Undertaker. The social media page of Gunner has gone private since fans discovered it, but we realized just how different Undertaker’s son is from him.


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