Meets The Parents: 10 Unrecognizable Dads & 10 Moms Of WWE Stars

The success of a WWE Superstar is shared by the family of a wrestler witnessing their careers shine. It is often a long journey for a wrestler to reach the status of a relevant main roster performer. Most wrestlers want to share their newfound fame and wealth with those around them. Parents specifically play a huge role in the wrestlers chasing their dreams and having the opportunity to even be put into a place to succeed. We are aware of some parents of second generation wrestlers. Randy Orton’s dad Bob Orton and Goldust’s father being Dusty Rhodes are facts we already knew. These are many parents with less fame that played as big of a role in their kids making it to the big time.

We will look at some of the lesser known parents that have never wrestled for WWE. The parents here have been celebrated by their children for playing the ultimate role in allowing them to have a great life today. This is the reason many wrestlers want to purchase homes, cars or just treat their mothers and/or fathers to a better life today. Find out about the life of your favorite wrestler with ten moms and ten dads of WWE stars you likely don’t know.

20 Matt and Jeff Hardy's Dad

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The childhood of Matt and Jeff Hardy saw them lose their mother at a young age. Gilbert Hardy allowed his sons to start backyard wrestling during their teenage years. The attention they received from their wrestling saw them get on WWE’s radar and receive contracts early in their adult years.

Gilbert is still alive today and was seen in Impact Wrestling at one point. Following Matt winning the TNA World Championship, Gilbert joined the ring with his two sons, Matt’s wife Reby and Matt’s son Maxel. It was a Hardy party as Matt enjoyed the moment with his loved ones. Gilbert finally got the chance to appreciate the moment of a loud wrestling crowd celebrating his son when entering the ring with them.

19 Roman Reigns' Mom

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The life of Roman Reigns has changed drastically over the past five years. Reigns was chosen to be the next face of WWE and is receiving among the biggest pushes in wrestling history. Four consecutive WrestleMania main events against Brock Lesnar, Triple H and The Undertaker proves just how much WWE believes in Reigns’ ability to step up in the major role.

Most fans know that Roman is the son of legendary wrestler Sika from the Wild Samoans tag team. The other parent of Reigns is lesser known, but she played an even bigger role in raising him. Roman has revealed he is close to his mother as she spent more time with him growing up due to his dad being on the road. His mom appeared on WWE 24’s special about Reigns’ journey to WrestleMania 31 and stated it is hard for to see her son get booed. Unfortunately for Roman, she has continued to witness the booing and likely will have to for a long time.

18 Kevin Owens' Dad

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Kevin Owens has one of the most supportive dads in the wrestling industry today. Terry Steen has been attending shows and helping his son chase his dreams since the early days of independent wrestling. The Kevin Owens Show DVD featured Owens talking in-depth about his journey with Terry also providing insight. One scene showed Terry chopping Sami Zayn as Kevin held him for a funny moment at an independent wrestling show.

The father of Owens attends many of Kevin’s biggest matches and is his biggest fan. A cool social media post featured the parents of Kevin purchasing his WWE DVD from the place they used to rent WWE VHS tapes for when he was a kid and taking a picture of the moment. Owens credits his family for being the reason he has succeeded this far in life, and his father is clearly one of the relatives he is referring to.

17 Sasha Banks' Mom

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The upbringing of Sasha Banks was tougher than most as she was raised by a single parent that traveled a lot. Banks’ mother Judith Varnado had to raise Sasha and a young son with autism while traveling around for work. Various interviews of Sasha have revealed that she has lived in various states while having to be homeschooled online. As a single parent, Judith must be extra proud seeing her daughter grow up to accomplish her dreams and make history along the way.

She has appeared at many of Sasha’s biggest events to show her support. WWE cameras have filmed her getting emotional at various moments during big matches for Banks like WrestleMania 32 and NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. As much as we get into witnessing our favorite wrestlers put it all on the line, the parents of these Superstars have it far worse.

16 The Miz's Dad

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One of the most unique parents in WWE is The Miz’s dad. George Mizanin looks very little like Miz but provides a similar level of entertainment. WWE has put George on camera multiple times with Miz. One memorable moment featured Randy Orton brutally beating up Miz in front of his parents. While Miz’s mother look terrified at her son being destroyed, George made some hilarious facial expressions showing less concern.

The life of George outside of witnessing his son perform sees him running the Mr. Hero sandwich shop in Cleveland. Miz has referenced his dad’s love of supporting other wrestlers more than his son. Kofi Kingston is one of George’s favorites to watch perform. Miz has revealed that George has asked why he can’t do moves like Evan Bourne did during his time in WWE. The Miz has one of the most entertaining dads in the wrestling business.

15 Daniel Bryan's Mom

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Daniel Bryan has been blunt about the fact that he grew up poor. Both his parents tried their best to provide for him, but there was very little money in the Danielson household. Darlene Jean Danielson is the mother of Bryan and supported him from childhood to the top of the WWE. Bryan has spoken out about Darlene attending college at an older age while working in hopes of getting a better job.

The family contingent for Bryan during his big weekend at WrestleMania XXX featured his sister, his niece and his mother. All three relatives were seated in the front row to witness Bryan achieve the biggest honor in wrestling by winning the world title in the main event of WrestleMania. Darlene was in tears as tens of thousands of fans joined her son in the Yes chant.

14 Triple H's Dad

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Triple H had a good head on his shoulders entering WWE in the 90s despite the toxic environment of partying. The upbringing of Triple H saw him have a better game plan than most of his peers. His father Paul Levesque Sr. was not thrilled about his son entering the wrestling industry at first. Triple H’s family was upper middle class with jobs in more respected fields than wrestling.

Naturally, Triple H was able to move up from a wrestler to a COO of a global brand within two decades. The pride for Levesque Sr. grew as he witnessed his son achieve his dream. Triple H truly worked to fulfill his passion as a wrestling great. We now see Triple H’s dad often appear at the WWE Hall of Fame enjoying the event celebrating the sport he once feared his son would waste his life in.

13 Seth Rollins' Mom

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The work of Seth Rollins has helped him become a top tier Superstar for WWE. Rollins is a huge player in WWE’s future and will likely continue to progress as the older stars get phased out opening bigger spots. Fans of Rollins saw him ascend on the independent circuit as an obvious prospect that would do well in WWE. Rollins is now making his name all over the world as a huge star.

A surprising fact about Rollins is he decided to move back to his home of Iowa. One of the reasons for this is being close to his family. Seth’s mom Holly and other beloved relatives are still based in Iowa making it the home he couldn’t escape. Once his NXT time was up and he had enough money to purchase his own home, Rollins made the move from Florida to Iowa and being close to his mother is a main reason why.

12 Lana's Dad

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Lana joining the Total Divas cast helped her become a bigger commodity in the WWE landscape. Between her potential as a personality and the role on a reality series, Lana will have more opportunities heading her way. One Total Divas storyline featured the relationship between her and Rusev heading towards a marriage. Rusev was attempting to convince Lana’s dad Bob Perry to give him a blessing to marry his daughter.

Perry is a devout Christian and opened the Worship City Prayer in Nashville. Bob lives relatively close to Lana and Rusev as the couple also located to Nashville. The personality of Lana’s dad seems like he could be a performer as well. This is likely where she found her performing side to get into the entertainment industry. Instead of using her skills to speak about religion, Lana is attempting to become a credible wrestler.

11 Bayley's Mom

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The career of Bayley in WWE has seen her tap into her childhood passion and enthusiasm for the wrestling industry. This character allowed her to achieve all her dreams by becoming one of the ladies to create change for the women’s division. Bayley is clearly someone that has a fondness for the history of the wrestling industry.

The biggest win of Bayley’s career came at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn when she defeated Sasha Banks in a classic match to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Bayley’s mom was seen in the front row jumping in the air celebrating the win and crying her eyes out at her daughter’s dream coming true. WWE showed backstage footage of Bayley’s mom approaching her leading to them both tearing up. A mother’s joy in her child’s success is often greater than the child’s happiness.

10 Brock Lesnar's Dad

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The passion of Brock Lesnar for farming comes from his father Richard Lesnar. Farming provided the money of the Lesnar household growing up for Brock. Richard worked at a dairy farm for most of Brock’s childhood but fell on hard times when Brock was nearing college. It almost put a fork in the road of Brock’s plans to become a college amateur wrestler.

Luckily, a scholarship was offered for Brock to continue wrestling and attend college. The college wrestling success got him on WWE’s radar and the rest is history. Brock is one of the wealthiest wrestlers in the world. A decision of Brock when raising his own family was to live on a private farm in Canada. Brock’s love for farming clearly comes from his father’s life during his childhood.

9 Becky Lynch's Mom

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Becky Lynch had a long road in her wrestling career and life before joining WWE. During her early training days in Ireland, it was tough to get consistent independent wrestling bookings. Becky tried various fields like acting and doing stunt work. Her mother was a flight attendant for most of her adult life and got Lynch hired there as well.

A cool moment saw Becky working on her mother’s final flight and getting to share retirement after a long career. Flight attendant wasn’t the career for Lynch and she returned to the ring. WWE eventually offered her a developmental contract and she used it to become a huge star in the women’s division. Lynch is living her dream and her mom often comes to witness the biggest shows live to show support.

8 Braun Strowman’s Dad

The rise of Braun Strowman over the past year has seen him become a top player for WWE. Strowman is clearly valued highly by WWE management and he will receive many opportunities going forward. Between his strength and intimidating look, Strowman is perfectly playing the Monster Among Men character. The level of athleticism of Braun sets him apart from other big men in the sport.

Strowman’s athletic genes likely comes from his dad Rick Scherr. The father of Braun was regarded as one of the all-time great slow pitch softball players. Rick was inducted into the USSSA Hall of Fame and holds records for the most home runs, hits and RBIs in the USSSA All Time World Series. As talented as his father was, Braun is the most athletic beast in the family.

7 Alexa Bliss' Mom

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Alexa Bliss is already one of the most successful women’s wrestlers of all-time despite being just two years into her main roster career. The brand split has seen Bliss dominate both Raw and SmackDown rosters to become a top star in the women’s division. Alexa had a lot of struggles in her younger years including a battle with an eating disorder.

Bliss credits her parents for sticking through the tough times and helping her out. Both of her parents are enjoying her current life, but Alexa’s mom often stands out. Most people assume Angela Kaufman is her sister rather than her mother. Alexa’s parents had her at a young age and her mom shows this as she still looks to be closer towards her daughter’s age range than some of the other WWE parents.

6 Carmella's Dad

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Another new women’s wrestling star in WWE to reach new heights is Carmella. Following a run in NXT most known for being the manager of Big Cass and Enzo Amore, Carmella has outshined them both on the main roster by a wide gap. The status as Ms. Money in the Bank will remain to be seen if she cashes in successfully, but she will always have the honor of being the first winner.

Carmella is one of the more surprising second generation wrestlers as most fans don’t realize her dad was a wrestler. Paul Van Dale is the father of Carmella and spent many years working as an enhancement talent. The biggest role of Van Dale took place as a jobber for a few WWE matches. Carmella has taken it to another level as a standout performer and it must make her dad proud.

5 Vince McMahon's Mom

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Many fans are shocked Vince McMahon can still attend the WWE television shows every week at his age, let alone take a beatdown from Kevin Owens. It makes more sense when you realize Vince’s mother is still alive and kicking at 96 years old. Vince’s mom Vicki Askew has been seen playing tennis as recently as two years ago when she was 94.

The genetics in the McMahon family allows them to do things at an elderly age that most of us would struggle to do in our best years. Vince has reportedly had an estranged relationship with his mother for many years. However, he wished her a happy birthday last year and Chris Jericho has stated she has appeared at WWE shows backstage within the past few years.

4 Finn Balor's Dad

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The main roster career of Finn Balor has seen a lot of ups and downs in a short time. Balor won the Universal Championship on his first main roster PPV before suffering an injury to give it up. The past year has seen Finn struggle to get back to the top, but he clearly has a bright future in WWE. Balor’s Demon character takes him to another level as a Superstar in big matches.

The name Finn Balor ended up being a good call by him when switching names from his NJPW Prince Devitt moniker. He came up with the name Finn partly as an ode to his father Fintan Devitt. Balor has embraced his parents after both SummerSlam matches over the past two years, including following the Universal Championship win. The parents of Balor helped take care of him in Ireland when he recovered from the 2016 injury.

3 Charlotte's Mom

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Everyone knows about Charlotte Flair being the daughter of Ric Flair, but her mother is rarely ever discussed. Despite WWE marketing it otherwise, Charlotte actually had a closer relationship with her mom growing up. Ric was always on the road for wrestling, so Charlotte had a stronger bond with Elizabeth Harrell as her mother.

Ric and Elizabeth remained married for more than 20 years but ended in divorce like three of Ric’s other marriages. Charlotte’s mom has shown up for some of her bigger WrestleMania matches, but she is rarely seen. Old school WCW fans will remember Charlotte appearing as a teenager with her mom along with her brothers David and Reid in various segments about Ric’s personal life. Despite wrestling hurting her marriage, Harrell must be proud of her daughter becoming a star in the industry.

2 Jason Jordan's Dad

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Jason Jordan’s recent storyline of being the long-lost son of Kurt Angle has seen him trying to portray the character of realizing his father is a wrestling legend. Many fans have wondered who the real father of Jordan since it is obvious that the Angle reveal is purely a storyline. The real father of Jason has been shown on WWE television in the past.

WWE cameras filmed the parents of Jordan embracing him after he and Chad Gable won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship as American Alpha. Jordan’s dad is a huge fan of his son’s work and loves witnessing him perform live. He will likely have to be hidden from the camera in future events due to the storyline being that Angle is Jordan’s dad.

1 John Cena's Mom

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John Cena has been the biggest star for WWE over the past decade. Despite being out there in the public eye more than any other wrestler, Cena has tried his best to keep his personal life private. The father of Cena being a wrestling promoter has made him a known figure on his own accord. However, the mother of Cena has remained hidden from the spotlight.

Carol is not a big fan of the professional wrestling industry outside of supporting her son. In fact, the only time she has ever attended a live show was WrestleMania 33. Cena informed his mother that he was going to propose to Nikki Bella and she showed up to see that. The moment of her son getting engaged was more important to her than any of his iconic wrestling matches.

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