8 Wrestling Children You Would Never Be Able To Recognize (And 7 You Would)

We all know about some of the famous second-generation wrestlers, but there are many children of wrestlers that you likely don’t know. Quite a few have wanted to follow in the footsteps of their fathers when it comes to becoming professional wrestlers. The life of fame and fortune can easily make it appealing to anyone that has been a part of that world since childhood. Others want to start careers in fields far away from the public spotlight. Everyone wants to carve their own identity in the wrestling world, but some will always be remembered for their father’s accomplishments.

Both wrestlers that look their wrestling dads and those that don’t will be examined here. Those that look very much like their famous fathers will likely always have to hear about it for many years. While that must be flattering in general, it can get old quickly. Meanwhile, it can also get annoying for wrestlers that don’t look like their fathers to get that comment. We'll introduce you to some of the kids of your favorite wrestlers that you never knew about along. Some will surprise you and others will be obvious. These are eight unrecognizable wrestling children that look nothing like their dads and seven that do.

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15 Nothing Like His Dad: Gunner Calaway (The Undertaker)

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One of the most shocking wrestling children to be discovered is Gunner Calaway. Most expected The Undertaker to have a terrifying son that would put fear into you with one glance like the wrestling legend. Gunner however looks like nothing like his old man aside from the ginger hair. Maybe this is the reason Undertaker started dying his hair once he picked up momentum in WWE.

The Undertaker getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point will likely see him reference his family publicly for the first time.

The mysterious character has carried over to his real life as Undertaker does not like the fans knowing too much about him. Gunner having a social media following a few years ago changed that as fans became aware of the shocking son of The Undertaker.

14 Looks Like His Dad: Steve Borden Jr. (Sting)

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Another mysterious wrestler to have his son recently become a somewhat public figure is Sting. The WCW legend started his family during the peak of his career and they got to experience some of his greatest moments. His son Steve Borden Jr. looks like he could be a wrestler, but that doesn’t appear to be his passion.

The son of Sting has been attempting to make his way to the NFL.

Borden Jr. had a great college football career but didn’t get drafted. His best bet of getting to the NFL was receiving a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs. Sting’s son looks just like Sting did in his prime years without the face paint. Borden Jr. could have a solid chance in the wrestling world if he tried to follow in his dad’s legacy.

13 Nothing Like Her Dad: Jenni Neidhart (Jim Neidhart)

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Both Natalya and Jenni Neidhart lucked out by looking nothing like their father Jim Neidhart. While Jim deserves respect for having a successful career, no one would want their daughter looking like a large terrifying wrestler. Natalya has found even more success than her dad in the ring while being a significantly more attractive Neidhart.

Jenni was also blessed with the good looks. Natalya’s role in Total Divas has given us a glimpse of Jenni when the cameras feature her as a part of Nattie’s life.

Jenni was most memorable for going on a date with Big E after Natalya set them up. Natalya wanted Jenni to find someone after being single for a long time. It’s hard to believe there’s not a lot of interest for Jenni unless Jim meets all her dates to scare them off.

12 Looks Like His Dad: Ryan Rood (Rick Rude)

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The legendary Rick Rude passed away at a young age, but his wrestling career is still remembered fondly today. Rude was ahead of his time in terms of tremendous character work to match his great matches. He likely would have been a WWE Champion if he came along a few years later. WWE still honored Rude in the most prestigious of ways in their Hall of Fame.

We got to see his son Ryan Rood accept the honor along with other relatives. Ryan seems to be even larger than his father was and clearly looks like he could be an athlete.

Obviously, the hairstyle is drastically different than what Rude rocked in the 80s, but Ryan looks very much like his father. It is a bit surprising he never tried his luck in the wrestling world.

11 Nothing Like His Dad: Jake Carter (Vader)

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A wrestling shocker is realizing Vader ended up having a jacked son with an incredible physique. Vader was always strong, but his larger size did not help him out in WWE. Vince McMahon reportedly killed all his original plans of using Vader as a main eventer after seeing him in person. The belief of Vince was that Vader was slobby and too out of shape to be a World Champion. Vader’s son Jake Carter did not have the same problem when entering the WWE developmental system.

Carter showed potential as an athlete and had the look that WWE desired of their performers at the time.

That makes it more ironic that he never achieved success and got released before getting any consistent role on NXT television. Vader was too out of shape for WWE, but his jacked son couldn’t get a chance on television.

10 Looks Like Her dad: Mya Lesnar (Brock Lesnar)

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Brock Lesnar is clearly one of the most intimidating men on the planet. The idea of having to pick his daughter up on a date is enough to create anxiety attacks for any teenager. Brock has a daughter named Mya that looks very much like him. Mya was born during Lesnar’s prior marriage before entering a relationship with former WWE star Sable.

Pictures of Mya leaking shocked fans to realize that Brock has a daughter that not only looks exactly like him but is involved in sports.

Brock was a college sports star for his amateur wrestling. Mya is trying her luck in volleyball among other sports. Time will tell if she chooses to enter the wrestling ring. Given the fact that she looks like her dad, Mya likely could be a natural at destroying opponents in entertaining fashion.

9 Nothing Like His Dad: Dominic Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio)

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One of the most shocking discoveries about the children of wrestlers is realizing how much Rey Mysterio’s son has grown up. The legendary luchador involved his son Dominic in a storyline back in 2005 when Eddie Guerrero tried to gain custody claiming to be his real father.

Eddie and Rey had a memorable Ladder Match for custody of Dominic in true ludicrous wrestling fashion.

Little Dominic did a great job in the role and he apparently wants to return to WWE again. The big difference is the size of Dominic towering over his dad. Rey is just 5’4’’ and no one would have been able to predict his son would become a giant. Dominic is now training to become a professional wrestler with hopes of making his way to WWE like his dad.

8 Looks Like His Dad: Oje Edward Hart (Owen Hart)

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The family of Owen Hart have remained distant from the wrestling world after the heartbreaking death of Owen performing for WWE. Owen’s widow Martha wanted to keep her children far away from the squared circle due to understandably resenting the wrestling industry following the incident. The children of Owen have grown up and some pictures have circulated of them in current day form.

Owen’s son Oje Edward Hart looks extremely similar to his father. Many of his facial features look very much like his dad.

The hair is even a more stylish version of what Owen’s hair may have looked in one of today’s hairstyles. While Oje likely has zero interest in getting involved in wrestling after all that went down, wrestling fans should have nothing but smiles seeing how much he looks like Owen.

7 Nothing Like His Dad: Frank Eudy (Sid)

Most World Champions from the 90s are remembered as legends in the WWE Hall of Fame. Sid somehow gets left behind as WWE doesn’t talk about his accomplishments even though he won WWE and WCW World Titles as well as main eventing multiple WrestleMania events. Sid is rarely heard from, but his son found his way to relevance in a different way.

Frank Eudy had a spot in two seasons of the Big Brother reality series. It was discovered on the show that his dad was indeed former WWE star Sid.

Frank didn’t appear to be as intense or scary as Sid was during his prime. Following the show, Frank returned to his office job as he has chosen a life drastically different than Sid. It would have been tough to get in wrestling considering Frank doesn’t have the same strengths that helped Sid get by.

6 Looks Like His Dad: Brian Pillman Jr. (Brian Pillman)

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The desire of Brian Pillman Jr. to get into the wrestling business has made fans aware of just how much he looks like his dad. Both WWE and WCW employed Brian Pillman in the 90s as he transitioned to a successful wrestling career after he left the NFL. Pillman passed away at a young age during his prime, but he is still discussed today for his run as the most unpredictable man in wrestling.

His son is now hoping to create his own legacy in the business while adding to the family name.

Pillman Jr. is attempting to find success on the independent circuit with the hopes of landing a contract with a bigger promotion. Steve Austin recently had a fun interaction with Pillman Jr. on Twitter regarding him ruining their kiddie pool back during a Raw angle at the Pillman home. Maybe Pillman Jr. will connect with Austin on his podcast one day to give us more information about his career goals.

5 Nothing Like His Dad: David Finlay (Fit Finlay)

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Legendary wrestler and current WWE producer Fit Finlay is well-respected in the wrestling industry. Finlay was one of the toughest men in the industry during his career. His backstage role in WWE has helped many wrestlers improve through the years. Fit’s son David Finlay likely gets this advice for free as he has become a successful wrestler in his own right.

David's success has come in New Japan after working hard to get a spot on the roster.

David entered the NJPW dojo in 2015 to earn his role. Following his time earning respect, David started making appearances on NJPW shows and is impressive. Despite adopting his dad’s work ethic and passion, David looks completely different from Fit. This is likely a good thing as David seems able to create his own legacy in wrestling.

4 Looks Like Her Dad: Amy Hennig (Curt Hennig)

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The career of Curt Hennig saw him deliver classic matches with complete ease. Most fans remember for his time as Mr. Perfect. The fact that he never won the WWE Championship seems like a missed opportunity in retrospect. Regardless, Hennig left behind a legacy is still influencing wrestlers to this very day. Curtis Axel is the well-known son of Hennig wrestling for WWE today, but there’s a lesser known Hennig family member that tried to follow in the family tradition as well.

Amy Hennig attempted to become a professional wrestling on the independent circuit.

Unfortunately, she could never get the momentum needed to progress in the industry. The most surprising thing about discovering Amy is realizing just how much she looks like her father. Amy’s facial expression and curly blonde hair will make any fan remember her father.

3 Nothing Like His Dad: Tristen Nash (Kevin Nash)

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Kevin Nash lucked into one of the best wrestling careers of all-time. Not to say Nash didn’t work hard to earn it all, but his opportunities as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels in WWE and forming the New World Order in WCW are two ideal ways any wrestler will want to debut for a promotion. Nash making huge money and receiving big breaks did not convince his son Tristen Nash to join the business.

Tristen is an aspiring musician that does not have any interest in wrestling.

However, he is no stranger to getting involved in physical confrontations. A bizarre story saw Kevin and Tristen both get arrested for having a bloody fight in their home. Drinks and personal insults led to their fight creating headlines. We got a glimpse of Tristen and he looked nothing like his dad, but he did inherit a strong right hand.

2 Looks Like His Dad: David Benoit (Chris Benoit)

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One instance of a wrestler looking like his father to not work to his advantage is David Benoit. The tragic story of Chris Benoit taking the life of his wife Nancy and younger son Daniel before taking his own life hurt more lives than the ones lost. David is the son of Chris’ prior marriage and he had to live with the aftermath of his father’s actions.

A love for wrestling has seen David attempt to break into the business in recent years.

Obviously, it will be an extremely tough road for him to get booked by any relevant promotion given the fact that fans will instantly think of Chris when seeing him. David may have had a better chance at wrestling if he didn’t look so much like Chris.

1 Nothing Like Her Dad: Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard)

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The stunning Tessa Blanchard is making her own name in the wrestling business. There’s no doubt that Tessa has become one of the most successful women’s wrestlers on the independent circuit. Many WWE fans will remember her from a strong showing in the first round of the Mae Young Classic.

Tessa is the daughter of 80s wrestler Tully Blanchard.

The career of Tully is most remembered as being an important member of the Four Horsemen. While Tully was a tremendous in-ring performer, no one could have predicted his daughter would become this gorgeous. Tessa did inherit the wrestling gene as she continues to progress in her career. The biggest compliment for Tessa is that many fans forget she is the daughter of Tully due to creating her own name in the industry.

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