AEW Under Investigation For Unsanctioned Match At Full Gear

The Maryland State Athletic Commission is conducting a formal investigation into the unsanctioned match that closed Full Gear.

Violence in WWE has been toned down as time has passed. Violence in wrestling as a whole, however, is very much alive. It's just not in the mainstream as much as it used to be. AEW has been toying with it, though. Jon Moxley has had a couple of unsanctioned matches that have tested the taste of its fanbase, leaving it very much split.

Moxley's last "lights out" match against Kenny Omega had fans talking almost as much as anything else AEW has done. There was blood, gore, and a lot of hard-to-watch moments. Some argue that there is no place for it in wrestling while others are all for it. Someone who is most definitely not for it is former WCW announcer Chris Cruise.

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Cruise has been repeatedly trying to get in touch with the Maryland State Athletic Commission about the match. The former announcer wanted to know what the commission's stance is on blading, and if they had a doctor in attendance at Full Gear. Cruise has since been told that there was a doctor at the show, but could not answer any further questions as there is currently an investigation into the unsanctioned match ongoing.

I'll be asking the Maryland State Athletic Commission why it didn't enforce its own rules at AEW Full Gear. Here are...

Posted by Christopher Cruise on Saturday, November 23, 2019

Cruise also took to Facebook and listed the things the commission is supposedly meant to prohibit during wrestling matches. Honestly, if all of them were enforced, there would never be a pro wrestling show in Maryland ever again. The rules include not allowing performers to execute moves from the top rope, and also doesn't allow them to leave the ring while a match is in progress.

The rule Cruise appears to be most concerned about is the one at the very bottom of his Facebook post. Wrestlers intentionally cutting themselves or introducing human blood into the ring. It's also assumed that's why AEW is still under investigation three weeks after Full Gear. Depending on the outcome, Full Gear could be the first and last time an AEW event takes place in Maryland.

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