Update On When Braun Strowman Will Be Cleared To Return After Surgery

When Braun Strowman suffered his elbow injury last month and underwent surgery following the WWE's European tour, the announcement from the WWE was that The Monster Among Men had shattered his elbow and would be out of action for six months.

With that timetable in mind he would miss SummerSlam and we wouldn't be seeing Strowman in the ring until around October or November. This news seemed to put a big crimp in the WWE's plans for Strowman this year, but according to, we should be seeing Braun back and fighting a whole lot sooner than that. How much sooner?

Well, the truth is that he didn't shatter his elbow. He had surgery to fix some issues he had been dealing with regarding his elbow and the report says that Strowman was actually already cleared to return a week ago. This means that everyone who thought the six month thing was a play by the WWE, well, they would be correct.


The WWE made the six-month announcement knowing full well that The New Face of Destruction would be ready to go much sooner and that way they could book a superhuman comeback for Strowman. So, when will he be back on TV? "As soon as WWE creative plots his return into RAW storylines."

Will Braun still be feuding with Roman Reigns when he gets back or will there be a new angle set up? There is no information on that at this point but Reigns will be on RAW next week to reveal his plans for SummerSlam so maybe after that things will become a little clearer.

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