Update On Charlotte Flair's Appearances This Week

Following Ric Flair's recent medical issues, his daughter Charlotte may not appear at the SummerSlam weekend.

Charlotte Flair will likely miss any appearances she was supposed to make for WWE this week due to her father Ric's current state.

Much of the wrestling headlines over the weekend and beginning of this week have been dominated by one thing, the condition of sixteen-time World Champion Ric Flair. The Nature Boy was hospitalized on Saturday, and following that, the news on Ric coming from Flair's reps seemed to get gradually more worrying as the days went on. Naturally, fans are concerned, not only for Ric but also for his WWE Superstar daughter Charlotte.

Those of you who watched SmackDown Live on Tuesday night will have noticed Charlotte's absence and likely not been surprised considering the severity of what is going on with her father right now. The one, very small in comparison to the whole situation, is that Charlotte is currently not involved in any sort of major angle, meaning her absence from WWE programming isn't the end of the world.


According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Flair was supposed to be making some appearances for WWE throughout the week though. It is SummerSlam week after all and allegedly the four time Women's Champion was penciled in to appear alongside Finn Balor at this Saturday's NXT Takeover. It's the third time the brand has come to Brooklyn in as many years, and WWE will reportedly have many main roster stars in attendance who helped make the previous two Brooklyn Takeovers such huge successes. As of right now though, it's believed Charlotte will not be at Takeover.


The latest on Ric is that he underwent surgery earlier this week and while it was reportedly a success, The Nature Boy is far from out of the woods just yet. At first, it seemed that Naitch's hospital visit was simply routine, but as the days have gone on more information emerged detailing it to be much more than that.

Naturally, Charlotte will want to be with her father and her family right now while Ric recovers from surgery. It may be a big and important week for WWE, but as mentioned above, luckily for The Queen she is not pivotal to the company's plans going into this weekend. It will be a pleasant surprise if we do see her sitting ringside in Brooklyn on Saturday night, but also understandable if we do not.

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Update On Charlotte Flair's Appearances This Week