Update: Impact Actually Didn't Release These Two Stars

Reports of Mahabali Shera and Swoggle’s recent demise from Impact Wrestling may have been slightly exaggerated, it turns out.

The two wrestlers were not actually released from their contracts on Tuesday as our earlier reporting stated. It turns out that Mahabali Shera was actually released over two months ago, with the whole thing being kept quiet. Shera certainly hasn’t made any announcements, and what little info we have is coming from insiders with Impact.

According to those same insiders, Swoggle didn’t get released from a contract on Tuesday either because he was never signed to one in the first place. All of his appearances seem to have been one-off bookings.

via @MahabaliShera on Twitter


In another surprise move, Alisha Edwards has been placed back on the Impact roster after being removed on Tuesday. We’ve got no explanation for that one at this time. It could have been a website glitch, or maybe somebody at Impact got the wrong memo and canned the wrong wrestler. Whatever the reason, it’s good to see her back on the Impact Rolodex.

The past month has been very busy for promotions releasing wrestlers. The WWE has seen a string of high profile departures, including Darren Young, Emma, and Summer Rae, while the NXT saw Sawyer Fulton and trainer Leo Gao leave the company.

On Wednesday James Ellsworth was released from WWE after over one year with the company. His most recent appearance on last week’s episode of SmackDown was a quick and brutal beatdown by Becky Lynch, which was followed up by Carmella kicking Ellsworth while he was down.

Their relationship had been on the rocks for several months with Carmella carting Ellsworth around in a dog collar after he tried to cash her winnings from the Money in the Bank ladder match last June.

Audiences didn’t seem to take too kindly to the bit, or maybe it was the hints of domestic abuse that weren’t all that amusing. Either way, WWE doesn’t tend to keep guys that don’t bring crowds for long and Ellsworth tweeted his goodbyes on Wednesday.


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