Update: New Details On What Led To Alberto Del Rio Stabbing

As reported yesterday Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) was stabbed this past weekend, and as a result missed a AAA show in Mexico City called Heroes Inmortales X. AAA put out a statement on Sunday, saying Del Rio had failed the Mexican public.

According to MLW Radio, AAA was unable to communicate with Del Rio, as he lost his phone following the attack in San Antonio. As a result, they had no knowledge of the situation until Monday when Del Rio contacted them and explained what happened. The company has since apologized to Del Rio and are now backing him. Del Rio still wanted to make the show by chartering a flight, but was talked out of it while he was hospitalized.

As far as the incident, it occurred in San Antonio on Saturday night. A confrontation took place when the driver of a car hit Del Rio's car. Both men then exited their cars and exchanged words. The suspect then pulled a knife on Del Rio and Del Rio went to walk away, as he had a flight to catch, but the suspect then attacked Del Rio from behind. The man tried to slash Del Rio in the face, but Del Rio managed to move to the side, although he still caught a slash on the side of his head.

Del Rio then took the man down, but the man kept stabbing and slashing at Del Rio's arm. Del Rio eventually got the knife, but the man got away in his car. Witnesses got the man's license plate, but there's no word on if he's been arrested. Police eventually arrived on the scene and filed a report.

While Del Rio lost a lot of blood and needed stitches, he is said to be alright.


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