Update On Bray Wyatt's Possible Return Timeline

via forbes.com

John Cena recently announced that, although he was supposed to be out for nine months, he will be coming back in five. Unfortunately, Bray Wyatt doesn't look like he'll be in line to come back earlier than expected.

Now, the good news is that Wyatt's calf injury is not even close to as serious an injury as Cena's. But Bray could be out a few weeks longer than originally anticipated.

It was first reported, "The Eater of Worlds" was supposed to be out of action until the end of May, but Wrestlezone.com is reporting that the timeline is now 6-8 weeks (as opposed to the original 4-6 weeks).

So, thankfully, it is only a couple extra weeks and at least Wyatt has the mic skills and persona to remain interesting and relevant even when he isn't seeing any in ring action.

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