Update On Possibility Of WWE Bringing Hulk Hogan Back

Ever since the WWE made Hulk Hogan persona non grata with the organization - after the release of a recording of the Hulkster making some awful, racist comments - it seems like every couple months the topic of "when will Hogan be back" comes up again. And here it is again...

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that the WWE is once again discussing bringing back Hogan, but it is all about the timing.

The organization is well aware that they can't "sugar coat" the racist comments that led to Hogan getting fired, but they are also hoping that as more and more time goes by, that people will maybe forget about the comments and want Hogan back.

However, they also know that they can't bring him back in any kind of ambassador's role which would put him out there doing media and forcing him to discuss and answer questions about his comments.

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