Update on Ronda Rousey's WWE Status

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has given an update on Ronda Rousey's WWE status. WWE fans were a little disheartened to hear Dana White say that Rousey would not be wrestling as long as she's under contract to the UFC, but the WWE is still pursuing the idea.

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The angle WWE is trying to sell would be to run an angle at October's Hell in a Cell pay per view in Los Angeles and build a program towards WrestleMania for Rousey, likely in a singles match with Stephanie McMahon.

Some other backstage talk going around is it was funny how Stephanie praised Rousey in her podcast interview with Chris Jericho earlier this week, considering that she doesn't even watch the UFC. However Stephanie and Rousey ended up becoming good friends through their meetings. Another joke going around was that if Stephanie and the rest of WWE creative did watch the UFC, they'd have a much better idea on how to market their women, rather than making every Diva just seem catty.

In any event, it appears clear that both Rousey and the WWE want her in the squared circle, but Dana White and the UFC don't want their top star in such a situation.

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