Update On Why Sasha Banks Won The Women's Championship On RAW

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There were reports yesterday that Charlotte had dropped the title to Sasha Banks on RAW because she was taking time off, but PWInsider is reporting today that it's not the case. Charlotte is scheduled for all future bookings and she never requested any time off.

The title change was made on RAW because the WWE wanted to open the first RAW of the New Era with a big splash and Vince McMahon felt Charlotte's title reign had brought a lot of prestige to the belt.

Now that the title's been established, WWE officials feel more comfortable in switching the title around a little more often. Vince is said to be a very big fan of Charlotte's work.

Triple H is said to be a big supporter of Sasha's. The feeling was that the title change would bring a new dimension to the Banks/Charlotte match at SummerSlam, which has been planned for a while.

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