Update: Plans For Goldberg And His Pay Going Forward

Following his dominating victory over Brock Lesnar, we're going to be seeing more of Goldberg as he announced last night on RAW that he'll be taking part in next year's Royal Rumble. This could mean we also get a WrestleMania appearance/match depending on what happens at the Rumble (Goldberg winning it or Lesnar costing him, leading to a trilogy of matches). But how will this work if he was supposed to only come back for one match?

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Goldberg got a "real big money deal" for Survivor Series which was expanded last week to continue working ahead of the Royal Rumble in two months time. The basic idea is that Vince will continue to match his Survivor Series pay for as long as the interest in Goldberg keeps increasing.

While some fans are against the idea of a 49-year-old who was never the best wrestler being put in the main event, the fact is Goldberg is still massively over and has garnered further interest in WWE, especially after his 86 second win over The Beast Incarnate.

Do you expect to see Goldberg at WrestleMania?

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