Backstage Update: WWE Will Use Kane In Jericho-Like Role

WWE superstar Kane unexpectedly returned on the Oct. 16, 2017, edition of Monday Night Raw, where he helped Braun Strowman defeat Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage match. The Big Red Machine was named to Team Miz for the TLC pay-per-view main event, where they would lose to The Shield.

On this week's episode of Raw, Kane attacked SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan backstage, causing him to leave on a stretcher. Given his new political career, many are wondering if Kane will even stick around in the WWE much longer.

Well, there appear to be big plans for The Big Red Machine. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via subscription required), the plan is for Kane to eventually face Braun Strowman and that is expected to happen in December.

Also, WWE will have Kane continue to crush his opponents (like he did with Finn Balor and Bryan), so they can build a match between two monsters.

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Strowman is expected to win the match and prove himself to be the biggest monster of them all. Kane will later be attacked by The Shield, and Balor will get a rematch at a later time.


So as it turns out, Kane's return to the WWE could last a lot longer than expected—and it will be a big one. It looks like the creative team wants to use him the way they used Chris Jericho last year—by bringing him in to face younger talent and help them get over.

After this run, it remains to be seen if Kane will be back with the company. He announced his plans to run for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee earlier this year and election day is on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

But for now, Kane will continue to destruct his opponents and try to show that he still has it at the age of 50. We'll see if the reported plans for Kane and his opponents go through.


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