USA Network To Broadcast NXT

Fans of WWE NXT can be found every Wednesday evening tuning into the WWE Network to watch the stars of tomorrow show their stuff as they train for a call-up to the WWE's main roster. NXT is one of the WWE's most popular brands right now and while it started as a terrible reality/game show, it's turned into a showcase of some of the better independent wrestling talents on the planet.

Currently, NXT airs on Wednesday at 8/7 Central on the WWE Network. But, it appears WWE is moving NXT to regular cable, for at least one night. The taped NXT program will air on the USA Network on December 13, 2017. USA Network's guide has an episode of the show set to air during WWE week on the channel.

Via Sporting News

This could be a one-off show that isn't going to continue and it could be part of a line-up of shows airing alongside the WWE's annual "Tribute To The Troops" show. The WWE may be stacking the deck for one week on USA Network. But, what if this is something more than a one-time deal?


The other development here is that WWE and USA Network agreed to some sort of deal that will allow NXT to air on USA Network moving forward. If this was the case, one would think news of this nature would have been leaked, especially in the wake of finding out that the WWE might be exploring new tv partners, including FOX.


So too, if this becomes a show that starts to air on USA Network, it is uncertain as to what this means for NXT on the WWE Network. Likely one of its higher-rated shows on the digital platform, NXT on regular cable would surely affect viewership on the Network moving forward.

For now, it looks like fans will get at least one more chance to view NXT on December 13th. If you're one of those fans who believe by moving the show to cable it will water down the product, perhaps it's best not to tune in. Since only time will tell if this is a more permanent move or not, you can either enjoy the show or hope nothing bigger is coming that would affect why you like it.

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