Could The Tag Titles Be Defended Inside Hell In A Cell?

The New Day and The Usos epic feud could be heading for the ultimate finale as rumors surface that the teams could step inside Hell In A Cell.

While most fans are busy focusing on the Raw brand pay-per-view No Mercy this Sunday, those on SmackDown Live will likely be looking past that. After Raw has their turn, it will be the blue brand's time to shine, and this year it'll be Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon's roster filling the card at Hell In A Cell.

We already know McMahon will take on Kevin Owens inside the barbaric structure, plus Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Jinder Mahal that night for the WWE Championship. With that match not announced as being inside the cell, however, it potentially opens up a spot for some other competitors. It's not confirmed, but at this moment it seems as if the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships could be defended inside the pay-per-view's name sake.

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According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the idea of having New Day defend their newly won titles against The Usos is a real possibility but still nothing more than that. Although it would make perfect sense for the two teams to step inside Hell In A Cell considering the length of their current feud, there are injuries to consider. Xavier Woods is currently sidelined, as is Kofi Kingston, although it's still unclear how long the latter's injury will keep him out of action for.


The New Day and The Usos have been battling for months now, and they've been trading the Tag Team Titles back and forth in the process. They wowed the crowds when they went toe-to-toe at Battleground, did the same again on SummerSlam's Kick-Off Show, then did it all again for a third time in a street fight on SmackDown Live. That seemed like it may have been the end of their rivalry, but evidently, things aren't over between them quite yet.

The tremendous matches between The Usos and The New Day have been some of the highlights of the SmackDown Live product these past few months. All five men have been leaving everything in the ring and setting an example to the rest of the roster as to how and what tag team wrestling can and should be. To see them settle their differences inside Hell In A Cell would be must-see, so let's hope it happens.

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