Wrestling Legend Vader Gives Positive Health Update

A little over a week out from Christmas and former WWE Superstar Vader has taken to Twitter with a positive update about his health.

While being a fan of professional wrestling can be incredibly fun it also comes with a darker side that is like no other fandom. For one reason or another those in the wrestling business pass away all too often, many taken long before their time. A combination of the grueling schedule for the majority of their lives, being beaten up for a living, and the addiction issues that are so often part and parcel of a wrestler's life all contribute to that.

A little over a year ago former WCW World Champion Vader revealed that he was very ill. In fact the masked WWE alumni revealed via social media that he had been told by his doctors that he had heart issues meaning he may only have two years to live. If true then very sad indeed and the beginning of a countdown to the premature loss of another great wrestler.


Since the revelation that he may only have two years to live there hasn't been much in the way of an update on Vader's health. That was until earlier this week. Vader took to Twitter once again and told fans that his doctors have now informed him that his heart is getting better and stronger. The veteran signed off by saying he will continue to say what he has said from day one and that is he doesn't believe that he only has two years to live.


Leon White, the man behind the iconic Vader mask, made a name for himself during the late '80s and 1990s pretty much everywhere that was worth wrestling at that time. White put himself on the map in New Japan Pro Wrestling, becoming IWGP Heavyweight Champion in the process. From there he went to WCW and won the promotion's World Title three times. Vader wrestled in WWE during the late '90s but the WWE Title was one World Championship that managed to evade him.

The latest medical update regarding Vader is thankfully good news and for the time being it looks as if the former World Champion will not join the list of pro wrestlers that passed away too young. Here's hoping that the positive outlook he clearly has continues and that in two years time the thought that he may only have two years to live is one that has been long forgotten.



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