Vicki Guerrero Comments On Not Appearing At Raw 25

Vickie Guerrero worked with the WWE for a decade, most notably as the heel general manager for both SmackDown and Raw. The widow of Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero added to the family's wrestling legacy with her excellent work as the evil authority figure, and often ordering the crowd to "excuse" her.

But despite an excellent run with the WWE, Guerrero wasn't anywhere to be seen at the Raw 25th Anniversary show on Monday. Guerrero did an interview with WrestleZone and Sportskeeda, and expressed disappointment in not appearing at the show:

"Of course I was happy to be a part of it [the history of Raw], but I would’ve maybe liked to have seen my picture pop up! But I know what I’ve done, and to know that I was a part of a little bit of history for Raw 25, I was still happy in my heart and was able to watch it."


Guerrero also mentioned that she's working on getting her Bachelor's in healthcare administration, hoping to enter the medical field. When asked about a return to the WWE, Guerro said "Never say never," and she would "love to do it again" if the opportunity came up, now that her three daughters are grown up.

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Guerrero last worked as the GM of SmackDown, but lost a career-threatening match on the June. 23, 2014 episode of Raw. Guerrero had actually left the WWE on her own terms as she wished to obtain her Bachelor's. She appeared on a 2016 episode of Raw -  hoping to be named the new GM of SmackDown Live - but was kicked out by officials.

Given her excellent reign in the WWE as a heel authority figure, the door should never close on Vickie Gurrero coming back to the company. She did a lot for he WWE, and was one of their best on-screen characters of the PG Era. Perhaps we'll see her again in the future.


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