Vickie Guerrero Thanks Sasha Banks For Representing Eddie [Video]

All too often wrestling fans are greeted with the news that one of their heroes has passed away, a lot of the time what feels like far too soon. That news has perhaps never hit many as hard as when we discovered that Eddie Guerrero had been found dead in his hotel room. One of the most talented wrestlers of all time had passed away at the age of just 38.


You'll be hard pushed to find anyone in any wrestling locker room who doesn't still have the utmost respect for Latino Heat. Many of today's Superstars keep his memory alive in the ring to this day, be it through moves or paying homage to him in other ways. No one does a better job of that than Sasha Banks who cites Guerrero as being her favorite wrestler of all time and the reason she got into the business.

That was why the four time Women's Champion must have considered it an honor to share a ring with Vickie Guerrero last Sunday in the first ever women's Royal Rumble. WWE posted a video to their website this week of a conversation between the two Rumble competitors during which both women get very emotional talking about Eddie. Guerrero thanks Banks for representing her husband in the ring while The Boss struggles to fight back tears as she discusses her hero.

Banks pays homage to Guerrero in a number of ways while competing in WWE. Not only does she use Latino Heat's patented Frog Splash but she also owns a jacket with the former WWE Champion's image emblazoned on the back of it. Banks was also in attendance as a fan for the first show after Guerrero's death and wasn't aware of it until the show got under way.


Many of today's wrestlers base their move sets and personas on Superstars of the past, and if you're going to do that then there are not many better to mimic then Eddie Guerrero. During the video Banks admits that she wants to be the female version of her late idol. You certainly can't set your sights much higher than that.


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