[Video] Lacey Evans Has Run-In With RCMP, Calls Canada Nasty

As WWE Superstar Lacey Evans was touring with WWE through Edmonton, Alberta, she happened to get a speeding ticket and had a run-in with an RCMP officer.

Proving she's happy to play up her gimmick 24 hours of the day, the camera never turns off for WWE Superstars like Evans who are always trying to get their characters over and infront of as many eyeballs as can see them. In Evans case, while driving from Edmonton to or from the show that took place there on Saturday night, she happened to get a speeding ticket. What ensued was not only iconic Evans heel-like conversation but hilarity of the officer issuing the ticket.

As the Edmonton-based officer walks up to her window, Evans says, "Do you know who I am?" He responds, "I have no idea." "I'm Lacey Evans," she responds. "Who is Lacey Evans?" he quips back.

After explaining that she is a WWE Superstar and grabs the ticket from his hand, he continues to give her to ticket with a big smile on his face. He says, "You have a good day." She goes on to tell him to have a terrible day, calls him a "nasty" and says Canada is terrible and that she can't wait to leave. He ends with, "Welcome to Edmonton."

Evans Is a Classic, Old-School Heel

I won't go so far as to suggest Evans had the officer play along with this once she realized she was getting a ticket but one has to wonder. She does a wonderful job of taking a bad situation and using it to play her role and expand her character.

Calling the RCMP officer a nasty, saying Canada is terrible and acting as a true heel is just another example of what makes Evans one of the most popular and hated Superstars on the roster right now. This was truly entertaining.

That she posted it on her official Twitter page and it has over 2 million views suggests she knows what she's doing when it comes to playing her role. The best part is, Natalya got involved. A Canadian and someone from Calgary, AB, Natalya saw the video and commented, "Yeah he knows exactly who you are… that’s my cousin, b*tch."

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