[Video] NFL Announcer Pokes Fun At Rey Mysterio While At Vikings Game

During the Fox broadcast of an NFL Minnesota Vikings game, an announcer pointed out Rey Mysterio in the building but took a likely unappreciated jab.

We'll assume this announcer was trying to be funny and not disrespectful, but if Mysterio or WWE heard the comments, neither would likely be all that fond of the way one of the biggest legends in Luchadore wrestling history was compared to a bad Jack Black film.

"He's here! Look at him! He's in his mask. He's like a Luchadore. He's like Nacho Libre," the announcer said.

Mysterio is currently a WWE Superstar, likely in attendance to both enjoy the game but also help cross promote the move of WWE SmackDown over to Fox in October. A huge star and former WWE Champion in wrestling, Mysterio has a ton of recognition, even outside wrestling circles because of his mask that he wears everywhere.

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Fox is going heavy on trying to promote WWE moving to their network and that's likely why he made the television program with his name across the bottom of the screen. Someone probably should have informed the announcer that the thing to do was not to make fun of him.

WWE and Fox Working Together

Obviously, there will be some kinks that require ironing out as WWE and Fox continue to work together. Clearly, they aren't experts on the brand and its Superstars. Braun Strowman was at a baseball game and a stat ran across the screen that was incorrect, suggesting Strowman had held five titles in WWE. He's actually only held the tag titles twice. This Mysterio misstep is just the latest of more minor blunders to come.

Kudos go out to Fox though for trying. They're not afraid to push WWE during their major sports events and get eyeballs on the fact a non-sport is coming to a network known for sports.

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