Video Of Seth Rollins Dissing Vince McMahon About White Gear "Disappears"

Whether Seth Rollins asked the account to remove the video or the fan did so on his own, footage of Rollins calling Vince a "weird old man" is gone.

Rollins has a knack for saying some things on social media and in public that don't go over well. And, while most would probably agree with his assessment that Vince McMahon is a weird old man who doesn't get it, it's probably not wise to have footage of him saying that, lingering around social media.

I'm sure the video is out there somewhere (and if anyone has access, please feel free to send it our way) but the original twitter account that posted the video no longer has it up and live for viewing.

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During a meet and great, a fan asked Seth Rollins why he doesn't wear his white gear anymore. Rollins responded that Vince McMahon doesn't like the white gear and explained, "Because he's a weird old man that doesn't understand that people think it's the coolest gear they've ever seen. He doesn't get it."

According to the fan, Rollins knew he was being recorded when he made his comments but the video ended up being deleted and the fan took the video down. Agian, we're not sure if it was at the request of Rollins or the fan just didn't want Rollins to get in trouble.

Why Would Rollins Say That?

One can only imagine what Rollins was thinking while making those comments on video. He, like many other current WWE Superstars probably feel that way about the Chairman of WWE but he had to know, if the video had reached McMahon, that wouldn't have gone over well.

Or, could this have been Rollin's way of trying to be cool again with the fan base? Right now, many in the WWE Universe have turned on him like they did Reigns when it was clear he was part of the WWE marketing machine. Maybe he figured by trashing the boss, people would cut him some slack.

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