Video: The Rock Calls CM Punk From The Ring After RAW Goes Off The Air

If you watched RAW on TV last night you didn't see The Rock at all. But if you were at the live event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles then you got to see The Rock twice!

He was in town filming footage for the movie he is making about the life of Paige and he came out before the show went on the air and after it went off the air as well.

The second time he came out was to announce that they would be filming some footage for the movie, but during the segment the crowd started chanting for CM Punk. Well, there are few better at improvising on the mic as The Rock, and he went with the crowd and actually called Punk from the ring.

Unfortunately, it went to voicemail, but it is still a great moment and you can check it out in the above video.

Punk did get the message though and responded on Twitter later:

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