Big Title Change Steals The Show During WWE Draft Night Two

Although much of the focus has been on draft picks on Raw, The Viking Raiders celebrated being picked for Team Red by winning the brand's Tag Team Titles.

Last Friday's SmackDown and tonight's Raw have revolved around the 2019 WWE Draft. Brock Lesnar, Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and The New Day have been among the Superstars already selected during night two of the draft at the time of typing this. However, the entirety of Raw's three hours could not be filled with draft picks alone.

There has to be a match or two to fill the time. The first of the night pitted Becky Lynch against Flair with the first pick of the night up for grabs. The Man won the match, and with that first pick, Raw opted for Seth Rollins. The third match of the night featured a pick Raw made on Friday, The Viking Raiders.

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Erik and Ivar got a shot against Raw Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. To begin with, it seemed as if the match was going to end in incredibly short order. Raw's resident Vikings charged out of the gate, flattening Roode and Ziggler as soon as the bell rang. However, the champions managed to rally and looked as if they might retain their titles.

That did not happen. Eventually, Roode and Ziggler could take no more and The Viking Raiders won the match by using The Viking Experience. It's the first time they have been Tag Team Champions since their time in NXT. Erik and Ivar have been Tag Team Champions pretty much everywhere they've been, even before signing with WWE. Somewhat surprisingly, they even mentioned that during their post-match promo, dropping Ring of Honor's name on live TV.

As for why WWE decided to have the titles change hands on Monday night, chances are Ziggler and Roode are destined for different brands. Perhaps both will be headed to Friday nights or one of them at the very least. At the time of typing this, neither Superstar has been drafted. By the time you read this, their fate might well have been sealed.

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