Vince McMahon's Advice To Sami Zayn Made Him The Perfect Heel

WWE superstar Sami Zayn shocked the world when he turned heel and helped long-time enemy Kevin Owens defeat at the  Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. After McMahon jumped off the cage and rendered virtually motionless, Zayn dragged Owens onto the SmackDown commissioner for the victory.

Zayn's heel turn was one of the most unforeseen in recent memory. He had been a babyface since joining the Raw roster nearly two years ago, and his feud with K.O. dated back to the NXT days.

According to Zayn, Vince McMahon was able to give him plenty of advice when he turned from good guy to bad guy.  Zayn explained the details On Edge and Christian's podcast,  E&C’s Pod Of AwesomenessHere's what McMahon told Zayn, in part.

“My interactions with Vince have been a little more limited because I haven’t been in as many prominent storylines. Now, this is something that I feel like he has sunk his teeth into...He didn’t even get into detail. Some of it he would just say smile out there. I’m like really? Smile?...But if you are smiling, it is so much moreobnoxious and so much more dislikeable. It is such a simple thing."


Zayn has a strong point there. Some of the most lovable babyfaces like Undertaker, Sting, and members of The Shield don't do a whole ton of smiling. But major heels like Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon, and Chris Jericho pull off the villainous smile to perfection.

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Zayn and Owens have now formed a strong friendship, and there's no doubting that these two heels are about to embark on a team for the ages. K.O. got over by teaming up with Chris Jericho before turning on him before WrestleMania 33. He now has the challenge of replicating such success with Zayn.

Will Sami Zayn be able to pull it off as a heel? Time will tell, but so far the "smiling" trick Vince McMahon gave him seems to be working.


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