Vince McMahon and Triple H At Odds Over WrestleMania Main Event

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It seems as WWE is heating up in WrestleMania season, Vince McMahon and Triple H, the chairman and the COO, are having more arguments over the event. This time the issue in question is which match should close the show, according to Daily Wrestling News. Vince feels Lesnar should be main eventing WrestleMania due to all the money WWE is paying him, but there's concern a non-title match with Dean Ambrose isn't big enough for a main event. This isn't an indictment as to how Vince feels about Ambrose, but Vince wanted more star power for a Lesnar match and remains disappointed they couldn't get The Rock to wrestle.

Triple H wants his title match against Reigns to main event (shocker!), but there's speculation Vince may actually be souring on Reigns.

There's also a feeling that The Undertaker against Shane McMahon should be the main event given the stakes of the match and the fact 'Taker is a Texan native.

What match do you want to see close the show in Dallas?

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