10 Burning Questions We All Have For Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is something of an evil genius, and we're pretty sure that even his family would openly admit that. As the figurehead of World Wrestling Entertainment, the guy has had a lot of highs and arguably even more lows over the years, and as such, we've got some questions about his journey through this crazy, crazy business.

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Some would say that Vince is an open book but we really don't believe that to be the case. Instead, we get the feeling that there's a lot lurking beneath the surface that the man himself doesn't want the public to know about.

10 How Do You Feel About The Montreal Screwjob?

The Montreal Screwjob is a difficult thing to talk about for a variety of reasons, mainly because of how many people it hurt and all of the things it led to. We all know most of the details about this, but we just don’t feel like Vince has been 100% honest about it.

It was an intimate issue that caused the break-up of many relationships, with the Bret Hart incident being the most notable. Whether or not we ever get more answers, however, remains to be seen, based on Vince’s stubbornness.

9 Will CM Punk Ever Return?

The only person who could answer this question is CM Punk, in truth, but we still want to hear what Vince has to say on the matter.

McMahon and Punk seemingly had a pretty close relationship before everything went south, and there must be some kind of mutual respect still there. After all, why would Punk have even considered going for that WWE FOX job if he wasn’t interested in pro wrestling at all anymore? There are some options on the table and, in truth, that’s all that really matters here.

8 How Do You Feel About The Women’s Revolution?

Vince always seemed to push back against the idea that women could have strong personas and matches on WWE television, and that always felt like a bit of a shame – and, in truth, a bit of a waste.

These days, though, the women’s division is arguably just as compelling as the men’s division with a whole parade of intriguing storylines and characters to sample. Whether or not the man himself had anything to do with that, though, is a different matter altogether. We’ve got our own feelings on it, but we’d want to hear it from him.

7 What’s Your Honest Opinion On Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan has helped Vince in many different situations and has also been a huge, huge hindrance to the chairman of the board. Along the way, they’ve had a lot of interactions and we’d argue many of them were negative, but they’ve maintained some kind of functioning, working relationship through it all.

After Hogan’s recent controversies, however, one would have to wonder what kind of an opinion Vinnie Mac has on the big man. After all, Hulk did almost put Vince in jail many years ago, which is a different story for another day.

6 How Much Responsibility Does HHH Have?

Some reports as of late have claimed that Triple H has a little bit more power than most people are letting on. While we can certainly believe that, we’d like to know the specifics behind it – because being a nerd in the pro wrestling world is just too unavoidable for us.

We know that NXT is the brainchild of Paul Levesque, but beyond that, you’ve got RAW and SmackDown which are equally as intriguing in how convoluted they come across as being. It doesn’t seem as if HHH would play any kind of significant role in that, but you never can be too sure.

5 Did The Monday Night Wars Ever Worry You?

At one stage World Championship Wrestling was beating down on WWE pretty badly, and even that may be a bit of an understatement. However, through it all, Vince seemed to keep a calm exterior and constantly reassured us all that they’d prevail in the end.

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That’s exactly what happened with WWE getting the best of WCW, to the point where they actually decided to purchase their opposition. What we’d be interested in finding out is just how concerned the boss was about the kind of momentum that WCW was gathering, especially in the early days of the war.

4 Who’s Your Favourite WWE Superstar?

The obvious answer is probably Roman Reigns or perhaps even John Cena, but we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there’s someone else on the radar of the former WWE & ECW champion (that feels so unusual to say).

We aren’t so sure who it is, but Vince is a man of mystery and we’re pretty confident in saying he enjoys that kind of role. WWE is a big place with a lot of different characters and superstars, and it isn’t such a simple dilemma to solve, even though we’d like to be able to.

3 What Are Your Thoughts On MMA?

Mixed martial arts has been gathering steam for longer than most of us have even been watching pro wrestling and that much is just a fact. It’s a sport that has blossomed into something beautiful in the last 25 years, and in many ways, it feels like this is only just the beginning.

Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez, Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle and Ronda Rousey are just a handful of the examples of stars that have crossed over from MMA into the world of pro wrestling, and we want to know how Vince feels about it all.

2 Why Did You End The Streak?

It was Vince McMahon’s decision to bring The Undertaker’s streak to an end and while he’s spoken about this issue on Stone Cold’s Podcast, we aren’t satisfied with it.

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We feel like there was probably a bit of a push back from The Deadman regarding the decision to have Brock Lesnar end the streak, and while that’s just speculation on our part, we want it either confirmed or denied by the man at the very top. Wrestling fans hold onto things for quite some time as we’ve all come to learn, and one thing we can’t seem to let go of if the curiosity surrounding this damn streak.

1 When’s The Retirement Date?

The popular opinion is that Vince McMahon will never retire, with some even suggesting he’ll die before he does so. Alas, we happen to think he will want at least a few years of peace before he leaves this earth, which is why a proposed retirement date would be intriguing to discover.

Vince probably isn’t even beginning to think about that, even in his mid-70s, but with the XFL it just seems as if he’s taking on quite a lot of responsibility. Maybe that’s a good thing, but we can’t really tell either way.

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